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Samurai Wars

UPDATE: This image is now available as a print for purchase at my online store! [link]


This image is a collaboration between myself and the custom action figure artist known as Sillof :iconsillof:

A few months ago I approached him with the offer of creating a movie poster-style image based on one of his custom Star Wars figure sets and he approved. I chose the Samurai Wars set and this image is the result.

Sillof does amazing work with his custom figures, not just in the figures themselves but also in the detailed stories and character backgrounds he creates for them. One could spend hours viewing the creations on his website (and I have).

This image will be available as a print very soon, so stay tuned for details!

The characters in this piece were all drawn separately on 9x12 Bristol in pencil and colored in Photoshop CS4 using a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.


UPDATE (7 July 11): One day after posting it, "Samurai Wars" is already the #3 most popular piece in my deviantART gallery! Thanks, DA friends! :)
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Why not?  One of the influences for Star Wars was Akira Kurusawa's films.
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Yeah,  the Hidden Fortress 
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Yeah, that's the one. ^^
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long ago in a distant land, I palpatine the lord of the sith unleashed a weapon known as the deathstar, until a foolish jedi warrior wielding a magical light-katana stepped forth to rebel. before the final blow was struck my apprentice blocked his blade in the attempt to bring him to the dark side. nenow seeks to stop the empire and undo the future that is the first order!
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hell i would see it!
Have you seen Akira Kurusawa's "Hidden Fortress"? Lucas  has openly acknowledged it's influence on "Star Wars".
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Yes, I've seen it.
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Awesome ! I realy like the concept ! :)
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Did you know Darth Vader's outfit was based off samurai armor?
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Lol. R2-D2 looks hilarious. Vader's badass btw
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10/10 Would watch.
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R2 and 3PO were based off an old Japanese film of two companion characters who were comic relief traveled with the protagonist on his journey, eh very vague but still. 
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"The Hidden Fortress".
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Stunning work!!
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Great concept while staying true to the inspiration. 
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