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thought i already deleted it after rejection.
shot about a month ago.
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Sleek looking! Awesome , as usual :)
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thanks, Alex.
..welcome to deviantART by the way. :w00t:
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Oh, thanks man :D
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Very clean and soft presentation :)
I like this a lot.
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i'm glad you do, mate. :lol:
thanks once again for your support by adding this to both your favs and your group's gallery. :headbang:
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haha no problem :) you should join.
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thanks a lot. :w00t:
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Ein echter Otis! Nice ;) :peace:
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yap, einer mit wasserzeichen und knopf im ohr. :rofl:
danke für einen weiteren fav von dir, hanseat. :headbang:
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oo what theme's being used in this? and dock theme, etc? :o
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well, the WBtheme is called inspirated elegance by ~Samurai3.
unfortunately and for some reason that theme is no longer online.
i can only guess that it's because ~Samurai3 has switched to macintosh and is no longer interested in providing windows' material. :confused:
however, ...the StylerTB i used in combination with that WBtheme is called Concave [link] and it should look just perfect with any other visual style as well.
the dock is my own creation and you can download the Informer Shadow from here.
there's also a description about the icons used here in that Informer Shadow's release notes. ;)
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Very nice desk! :D
Do you know where I can find the wallpaper? :)
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thank you! :lol:

...well here's what i said about the wallpaper further down below: [link] ;) :peace:
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No problem.

And thanks! :D
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Hey, nice work :) i've looked at quite a bit of yout work and you have that taskbar kind of thing... could you say what it is? looks very nice :D
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well, first of all i'd like to say: thank you very much for your kind fav!! :lol:

that taskbar-like thingy at the very top is a Yahoo!Widget [link] called Informer [link] .
it's highly customizable and you can use all sorts of different "sensors" to monitor your system.
might take some time to set it right tho, but that's only because of the large amount of features and capabilities rather than for it to be too difficult or something. ;)

thanks again, mate! :wave:
You have no idea how long I have wondered what that is. Thanks! :P
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Could you tell me the name of the WB theme you're using?
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