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the wallpaper as it was already used in my desktop screenshot here.

  • 1280x800
  • 1440x900
  • 1680x1050
  • 1920x1200
  • 2560x1600

  • 1024x768
  • 1152x864
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x1024
  • 1600x1200

  • 320x480

  • 480x272

i hope you like it.

(pinpoint font = manu by ~alenq)
© 2009 - 2021 OtisBee
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my pleasure!
thanks for the feedback!! :w00t:
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Nice And Elegant Texture ...... Thanks For Sharing
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you're welcome. i'm glad you like it. thanks. :)
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Could I possibly use this graphic for a program I'm designing? I will be sure to credit you if you approve.
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can you please send me a note and describe a bit more the program you're designing and where my graphic would come in? that'd be great. thanks.
Love it, thank you!
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you're welcome. many thanks!! :hug:
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and i love that you're lovin it :XD:

thanks ;)
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Exactly my kind of thing, I love this kind of look! Great image!

Would be nice if you could maybe and some more colours like red, green, orange, purple but pastel colours like you have here in blue?

If you get around to it, email me the images:
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I love it, you think you can Make it in Red :D
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thanks. :lol: what's your screen resolution and email address?
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thanks. i'm glad you like it. :lol:
also thanks for your fav! :clap:
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it could be a nice idea to release this wall with many colours...what do you think? ;)
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yeah, ..and that goes for every other of my wallpapers too, i guess. :)

well, since i think there's a filesize limit of 30mb for zip/rar file submissions here, i had to decide between a large variety of colors in only a few screen resolutions or only one color in all sorts of different screen resolutions. i decided to go for the latter, because i wanted more users being able to use my walls rather than having people request a missing screen-res, hence making it necessary to constantly update this deviation.

besides, i figured that it'd be much easier for a user to edit the color, than it'd be to resize the wallpaper while maintaining the size and graphical quality of the main background pattern.

and there's even another reason why i haven't released this wallpaper in other colors yet. and that's the fact that there are so many colors (or even color combinations) possible, that i can hardly decide which one i'd pick, without having yet another user requesting the next color then.

although you're certainly right: this wallpaper might indeed look nice in other colors.
but then again i've always been a sucker for the blueish, so i made pinpoint a blue one. ;)
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ehehe i can understand what you're sayin'...there's just 16 million of colors to choose from, and this choose is hard enough :)

btw, no problem if you wont make your pinpoint on other flavours. this one blue is great! and i love it so much.

Thanks again for this nice stuff :)
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you're by all means welcome. :hug:
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very very minimal and beautiful!!! it fits perfectly with every theme!!! Great work man!!
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oh, thank you!! :w00t:

well, basically i had only the rather dark themes in mind when creating this (been using them myself a lot back then), but it's nice reading that other themes fit this wallpaper just as nicely. :lol:
thanks once again. :bow:
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Wonderful work!
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i'm glad you like it.
thanks for your fav and feedback. :thumbsup:
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