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Square ONE


after having released quite a few more or less complex skins lately i thought it is about time to go back to the classics again.
so, in a matter of speaking i went back to Square ONE.

:bulletblue: "prev", "play/pause" and "next" buttons are invisible and located at the bottom edge of the frame.
:bulletblue: use the "Genre" & "Year" tagged textline as a progressbar.
:bulletblue: hitting the "esc" key will exit fullscreen mode.

if you like you can watch an animated live preview of this skin here.

all photo thumbnails seen in my preview image were created by ~AndreyEroshkin:
"Spider in love"
"Another good day in Alabama"
"philosopher's stone"

... also check out the perfectly matching wallpaper as seen in the preview image:

well.... 'nuff said.
hope you like it. ;)

© 2008 - 2021 OtisBee
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very cool good job :)
OtisBee's avatar
many many thanks, dude! :#1:
DocBerlin77's avatar
You're welcome :handshake: buddy I like yor works :)
Pandorum76's avatar
einfach nur klasse...wie alles vom meister :worship:
OtisBee's avatar
whoa... das geht runter wie öl. :)
vielen vielen dank, Christian!! :lol::horns:
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The fonts are not included in the .rar file =/
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they are there, but they are packed inside of the skin file (cskin).
have you actually double-clicked that file?
if so, then usually there'd pop up a message on whether or not you'd like to install the missing font and restart CAD accordingly. but maybe you've clicked that message window away by accident and chances are, that it'll not pop up a second time. that's why i suggested that you should look in the "Square ONE" skin folder that's located in CAD's main "Skins" directory.
in XP that would be something like C:\...\CD Art Display\Skins\Square ONE
or C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\CD Art Display\Skins\Square ONE in win7/Vista.
copy/paste any fontfiles you'd find in the Square ONE folder to your systemfonts and make sure that CAD isn't running when you do that.

in the event that the "Fonts" folder in the Square ONE directory is empty, then you can also download the skin again and then rename the included "Square ONE.cskin" file to "Square" and extract it the usual way (using winRAR or similar). once unpacked you should be able to find that "Fonts" folder. copy/paste the fonts to your systemfonts as i have described above and you're done.

i hope that was helpful. ;)
Raphael-Fernandes's avatar
Can you share the fonts? Great ^^'
OtisBee's avatar
the fonts are included in the download.
check the skin's folder and you should find a "Fonts" folder. ;)
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Port for CoverGloobus -> [link]
OtisBee's avatar
excellent.. thanks :#1:
xegi90's avatar
Can i port it for CoverGloobus? It's so beautiful skin and i'd love too see it on Linux desktop :D Of course all credits go to you and i'll link to your skin if i get your permission. Please :please:
OtisBee's avatar
yeah well, you already received a note. :D
DK33's avatar
Wow nice skin.
OtisBee's avatar
thank you very much. :w00t:
Pierre-Lagarde's avatar
Very nice and classy pro looking ! Bravo !
OtisBee's avatar
thank you very very much for your kind appreciation and your fav, Pierre! :hug:
Pierre-Lagarde's avatar
No prob, good work ! ;)
The-fishy-one's avatar
I love this! Great idea! :D
OtisBee's avatar
i love that you love it. :XD:
thanks for your fav and feedback. :hug:
Del11boy's avatar
Stunning Work Here! Thanks 4 Share! :thumbsup:

Check @ [link] :D
OtisBee's avatar
again.. thank you very much. :hug:
Red-Steel's avatar
awesome skin man! In fact I'm using it in my current desktop :D:peace:
OtisBee's avatar
ooh, that's a great looking and harmonic setup there. :clap:
thanks for that link and your kind feedback. :hug:
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