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RooLa Dock


this is the ObjectDock background as it can be seen in my coming up january desktop screenshot.

the icons seen in the preview image are called BASIC5 TEXTUAL with more than 200 png icons and a psd file.

the clock icon in the middle of the dock was created by dobber 72 and can be downloaded here.

oh, ...and if you like you can download the RooLa Walls as well.


...put the "RooLa" folder in
then rightclick your dock and navigate to
Properties >> Appearance >> Background >> RooLa.
apply your changes with "ok" and you're done. ;)

well, i hope you like my second ObjectDock background.
i'm looking forward to your feedback.

P.S.: .. also check out the RooLa Clock by ~GamerWorld14!!

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awesome....for some users icons are confusing
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thanks....always nice to have a more streamlined approach. :)
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can you help me with my objetdock: "already exists exiting " what' wrong ?
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hmm.. i have no idea what went wrong, really. :hmm:
but apparently you don't seem to be the only one who is getting that message --> [link]
and i doubt that it has anything to do with my skin in particular.

i'm very sorry that i'm not able to help you. :O_o:
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that's ok , thank you anyway, You have helped me a lot
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i hate when things like this happen and i'm not able to help.
i hope you or stardock can fix it soon. ;)
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well, thanks a lot. :lol:
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thanks for both your feedback and fav.
much appreciated. :w00t:
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This is completely fantastic. It looks AMAZING. :faint: I would shake your hand in real life if I could. Great icons as well, thank you for including the PSD for making more. :D
OtisBee's avatar
well, imagine me shaking your hand. :D
thanks for the ever so kind feedback and the fav. :hug:
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[link] <-- That's how I ended up using it, by the way.

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wohoow... looks quite epic, man. :faint:
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it's great knowing that you like it. :lol:
thanks for your fav(s). :hug:
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i'm glad you like it. thanks for the fav. :w00t:
Very nice !:D:D propably best bg for ObjectDock ever. xD
OtisBee's avatar
wow, thanks!! :excited:
i appreciate that. :hug:
rabbitstuds's avatar
Igs Genial its really the betst idea How i ever have seen simple and briliant, don´t to difficult and loocks great :)
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whoa .. das ist mal ein tolles feedback. :excited:
vielen vielen dank dafür.
..und vielen dank auch für den fav!! :hug:

ich freu mich. :lol:
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