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Rhapsodize Walls

okay.. by popular demand, here is the wallpaper i used in my Rhapsodizing in Blue screenshot. [link]

4:3 |

16:9 |

16:10 |

iDevices |
960x640 (iPhone 4)
480x320 (iPhone 3GS)
1024x1024 (iPad)

well, i'm not too satisfied with the rather small screen-res versions or the ones with the 4:3 ratio, because i originally made this for my 2560x1440 sized screen where it looks just perfectly ballanced. but maybe it just looks odd to me, because i'm not that used to the 4:3 anymore. i don't know.

..i have created 4 different wallpaper versions for each screen-resolution (*), so there are walls...

:bulletblack: ...with the sidebar and the apple logo
:bulletblack: ...with the sidebar and without the apple logo
:bulletblack: ...without the sidebar but with the apple logo
:bulletblack: ...without the sidebar and without the apple logo

so, i guess there should be something for everybody's taste.
just tell me if there's something missing, or if there's something i should edit to your liking.

(*) = except for the "iDevices" versions, where there are only two walls with or without the apple logo and no sidebar at all.

© 2011 - 2021 OtisBee
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Still some of the very best wallpapers available. Thank you.
OtisBee's avatar
thanks so much!!
Zbih's avatar
So simple and so beautiful .. Thank you for this one .. I will be using it for a long time.
OtisBee's avatar
you're most welcome.
thanks for such great feedback! :hug:
formerglory's avatar
Love this. Really clean and simple. Possible to get this with your Pinpoint texture?
OtisBee's avatar
thanks. well that might be an idea worth playing with, but for now there are no plans to create a Rhapsodize/Pinpoint mix version at any time soon. sorry. ;)
BoffinBrain's avatar
For the longest time, I had just a plain coloured desktop because I didn't have a wallpaper that I liked that much. However, I gave this one a try, without the logo or sidebar, and it's stuck. Very nice. :)
OtisBee's avatar
whoa.. nice.
i guess you are like me then.
like you, i don't change my desktop wallpaper very often and that's exactly why i fancy the rather flat, uncluttered and inobstrusive backgrounds to get my daily work done upon them.

anyways.. i'm glad my wallpaper enticed you to make a switch.

thanks for the great feedback, dude! :hug:
BoffinBrain's avatar
Yes, I tend to take minimalism to the extreme - I use my desktop as a temporary transfer area only. Usually, it is completely empty.

You're very welcome. :)
Beautify-GS's avatar
I speak so handsome I like the wallpaper
OtisBee's avatar
thanks a lot! :w00t:
Beautify-GS's avatar
So thank you very much
Clean and simple, is the definition of a perfect wallpaper. (for me of course ;-))
OtisBee's avatar
just as it is for me. :D
thanks for your feedback and fav. :w00t:
ale3is's avatar
great work!!
any intention for a version with the bar on the bottom??
OtisBee's avatar
thanks a lot! :lol:

nope, there's no intention for a bottom bar version, sorry. :hmm:
i do however have thought about maybe releasing a psd file with all the layer styles i used to create this wallpaper and the elements seen as dock backgrounds in my desktop screenshot here. this way everybody can create similar wallpapers with everything placed where they'd like.

but as i said: i'm thinking about it and i'll probably have to find some time to realize the idea. :)
phd7's avatar
the preview make it more ahsom !
OtisBee's avatar
yeah, never underestimate the "power" and importance of the preview image. :D
thanks, buddy. :lol:
SoundForge's avatar
Great! Thanks for sharing! :)
OtisBee's avatar
i'm glad you like it! :lol:
dank je wel!! :hug:
OtisBee's avatar
great. thanks for the fav, Julien! :lol:
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