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INVI PRO compact



this is a CD ART DISPLAY 2.0 (CAD2.0) skin.
it is required to have the most recent CAD2beta5 build installed.
you can get the freshest build in the "All Users" section here.
once the newest CAD2beta5 is installed you can easily apply (install) the skin in its new *.cskin file format by simply doubleclicking on it or by dragging n'dropping the file onto a running CD ART DISPLAY.

at ~gmdee's request i created INVI PRO compact to match the amazingly great INVI PRO skinning series of ~007TINAR.

i feel greatly honored for the fact that ~007TINAR gave me his permission to use his graphics and it goes without saying, that of course all credits go out to this great artist.

INVI PRO compact was mostly created by modifing the graphics of this screenshot.
however, both the ratings and the progressbar were entirely created by me.

i also used a part of this screenshot in order to create this skins preview image, which you can see above.

btw. the skin that's displayed in the preview is actually a "mini" substyle and it is about 30% smaller than the main (default) style.
use CTRL+left mouseclick to quickly switch between styles.

...i hope you'll enjoy INVI PRO compact
and please make sure to check out the great works of


© 2008 - 2022 OtisBee
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I downloaded it, But it has problem- INVI series skins is very best skins for jetAudio.