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upon request by ~eos8 i am releasing here this huge pack of textual png dock icons as they can already be seen in either my ObjectDock Backgrounds or my reminiscent desktop screenshot.

well, the idea of textual icons representing all sorts of different apps on your dock isn't really all that new actually. in fact i've been inspired by the amazing set of Roberto Urso's The Kobhens. only the lack of the HELVETICA font was causing me to create yet another set of my own personalized textual icons instead of still using The Kobhens.

although the pack contains well over twohundred 256x256px sized icons already, it seems most likely that there are still some missing. that's why i've added both the psd-file and the font i've used to the package. so, creating icons for your desired and yet missing apps should be just a matter of seconds.

well, i hope you like them.

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you're welcome! :w00t:
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Great.. was looking for something like this :)
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glad you found it. thanks. :w00t:
Wowwwwww ! ^_^
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Gefällt mir seeehr gut. Ich sage artig DANKE ! ;)
....btw... nen Tipp wo ich nen sauberes Tutorial finde wie man Deine PSD als .ico in CS2 abspeichert?
Ich bekomm Gfxfehler..
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Danke. :)

hmm, soweit ich weiß, kann Photoshop erst nach installieren eines plugins in das .ico format abspeichern.
vielleicht hast Du hier glück? [link]
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How to Download..??
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it's on the right side.
here's a screenshot of where: [link] ;)
Awesome icons and great combo with the objectdock skin!
Any chances of a "football manager 2012" and a "google chrome" icon? Dunno anything about PS and dont have it either.
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yay man... nice to meet you here.
..and thank you heaps for the kind feedback!!

unfortunately i don't have much time right now.
sounds odd, i know, because creating a few icons shouldn't be a timeconsuming task, but then again i'd need to install the fonts on my mac (don't have PS installed on my Win7 machine anymore), of which i don't know if they're even compatible with mac.

but hey, have you ever tried using The Gimp [link] ?
it's freeware and it knows pretty well how to handle psd files.

you just drag/drop my icon psd file on it and select the Text tool (usually represented by a "T" glyph) and then you can start editing the icon's text to your liking, just as you would in regular text fields. save your changes and you're good to go. needless to say that you must have installed the fonts to your system prior to launching The Gimp.

this way you can create as many custom icons as you like and hence don't need to ask for any of them.

let me know if The Gimp did the trick for you and in the event that it didn't, just contact me again and i'll see what i can do. ;)
I'll try that mate, thanx:-)
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thanks a whole lot!! :hug:
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You sir, are amazing! I can't believe you put in the .png so we can edit it and make missing text icons ourselves. Believe me when I saw that finding an icon pack with a World of Warcraft icon is impossible, but now I can just do it myself.
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hahaha... thanks. :lol:

yeah, i figured that with all the thousands of different apps, games and custom folders out there, it wouldn't have been fair to not include the psd as well. ;)
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I didn't see something like that before. You had a great idea.
How can something so simple look so damn good?
I love it, great job, keep up. :)
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thank you very very much for the feedback as well as the fav and the watch. :hooray:
although i have to admit that i only took up an already existing idea and then gave it a little twist with a different font choice.
so, it isn't really my idea, you know. ;)
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Not your idea, huh?
Then thak you for showing it.
It's simply awesome :)
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Zen-like..... From the color scheme to the shapes and fonts. They blend beautifully. Great artistic style. You're quite a talented designer, and my desktop and i thank you for it. Nice work man!
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yeah well... as i said, the idea with the text icons isn't all brand new and i merely gave it my own personal tweak.
simple really. but the outcome is quite nice indeed. :D

thanks heaps for your great feedback. :hug:
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