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Was wondering how you've been doing? :aww:

Aww, Nancy!!

How nice of you.

Well, I’m not that active here anymore, although I still think about those great „old“ days from time to time.

Everything went quite great for me in recent years, but then I had an accident with my motorcycle last year where I severely injured both my legs. Just the legs I must say as it could have been a lot worse and so I feel rather lucky than devastated.

It’s still a long way to go, but there’s progress, which makes me quite happy and keeps me going. Babysteps, so to speak.

I even met someone lately and so I find myself saying: I feel great. :))

And you? How’s life at your end? :)

Sorry to hear about the accident. I still think about CD Art Display from time to time. :) Appreciate the time working on skins and chatting.

Haha, I'm still kind of nice even though we're a few years older :lol:

Same, I'm not that active here anymore either. I've been lurking ocassionally and then go MIA again for months. I miss the good ol' days as well.

Geez, that sounds really bad about the accident and your legs! I'm glad you feel rather lucky and can see it from that perspective.

Oooeh, you've met someone? That sounds good! And even better if you can say you feel great. I'm happy for you! :aww:

Life's been a little rough last year or so, but I seem to be getting back up again. Trying to, at least. Hope to be able to say I'm feeling great again soon, too!

Are you just lurking on dA sometimes, or also on IG or FB for example?

I know it's been quite a while, but are you still around, Otis?

Very very VERY and above all extremely rarely. Almost never. If at all. :D
How ya doin, buddy?

HEY!!!! This is my lucky day!!!

Sooooo good to see you again, Otis! I'm fine, thank you, I hope you stay home and stay safe.

I was wondering where I could download Stikma from, the DA link doesn't work, Would like your permission to use it for a Blackbox theme - just the graphic elements, since Blackbox has its own music engine. Thanks!