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:thumb110536469::thumb112890151: sk8 contest_sibiu_aug-2008 by meISdaStinKBomb:thumb110536293: sk8 3 contest_sibiu_aug-2008 by meISdaStinKBomb ballard bowl fs lean 2 by MattJensenPhoto caveman drop-in by bisk8-production switch boneless 180 by bisk8-production skating by oti-undercover cruising in the bowl by bisk8-production image_073 by oti-undercover cruising in the bowl by bisk8-production Bowl Skate by Xkrypton Vert Sk8 4 by theinternalrage Vert Sk8 3 by theinternalrage :thumb62569318: Street Session by xapax skate by FuneralForaHorse Little green soda by Joy4life We all wanna touch you by Joy4life How to skate Pin by Flip-punk:thumb110249234: :thumb78504597: :thumb108373528: :thumb62199487: :thumb87692774: DC shOes by StopPanicIsJustMe rise up with element by StopPanicIsJustMe air by StopPanicIsJustMe:thumb116548270: skate park by ladymonroe h a l f by me-inside515 :thumb110427933::thumb104199756: :thumb110249234: jica by VessoVit :thumb108102128: :thumb108223295: :thumb108155235: :thumb101153958: :thumb105891789: :thumb103590866::thumb112060116: Skating Lin by Hellenologophob manual by oti-undercover :thumb88835222: DrOp in by LunatiCiuf Sk8r Grrl by daneblaster Skate girl by kavaserik :thumb111394821: :thumb68668992: Vintage SK8 moment by fabio88ct YOOO by fabio88ct :thumb92145784: SKATE by ShelbyEileen skate board by KayGee00 :thumb110250865: Go Skate by BrainWashedd joy kill joy by yayaaja :thumb86377441: skating on a banana... by Fatima-AlKuwari:thumb112891085: Skate 4 Life by Evo-let skate by omish :thumb102611371: :thumb101423443::thumb110250265: :thumb101463378: :thumb116776281: Memories by maxfields :thumb28777895: :thumb51151580: Up up and away by asoh All i need by asoh :thumb105302222: :thumb74046283: :thumb61430012: :thumb61430012: Varial-flip by KrisG :thumb89332830: i'll be watching you by Fraggles Flip by dumpvalve 360 Flip by puzzled2007 bs flip by BOsKiKroKodyL 540 Flip by BlackGlovePhoto Flip it by believer 360 Flip by devilsjaw :thumb45309909: Kick Flip Onlooker by maxisoft flip IT by onDEY :thumb95994453:



u can run but u can't hide by oti-undercover learning to fly by oti-undercover Remote by Luftwaffe673 Back of a Roller by vladpostolache Weight Ballance by vladpostolache Shot in mid-air 1 by vladpostolache Shot in mid-air 2 by vladpostolache Speed 2 by vladpostolache Shot in mid-air 3 by vladpostolache Competition by vladpostolache aaron tru mizou by liamalvy Strike a Pose by FrankByFrank Oldschool rollerblading by ravey ash - royale by liamalvy sneaky by bsmith08  frontside torque by kaziksca aaron - disaster top sunnyday by liamalvy rollerblading by p8a soulgrind by JuNoDa fishbrain by kaziksca Aric Saves Rollerblading by Sven-Photography Flying by D3sh1 top soul by kaziksca Chase Rushing TTS by TheDalai one eighty by bsmith08 Fishbrain Stall 2 by PierzchalPoland Royal002... by koza01 Chase Does a Topsoul by cgreason1 16-12-05 eddieskating1 by burstingbombdesigns andy spary by willturner 1 arm murphy by bsmith08 I hate that rail by ConnectionLost71 :thumb37012442: Soul in the sunset by Allfire Dave Dodge True Fishbrain by chadambrose Flip by fernz Fly by SadEyes-Severn Thread The Needle by par-a-bola Flip 2 by P0RG



sunset on BmX II by StopPanicIsJustMe :thumb112886670: :thumb112461988: Upsidedown by Beekee bmx in the light by mollygeephoto Jump 2 by Luftwaffe673 fish eyE by StopPanicIsJustMe :thumb116540863: ..::the Invincibles5::.. by bebitza88 Flip whip by Dschmitt - panning: bmx - by n0twhaty0uthink Christ BMX 360 by Xkrypton Bmx - Nicky by RuinedRobot BMX by OriginalDoll7 The Lone Rider by Coltography Jens on bmx by cookiemonstarh bmx forever by PsychicIllusionist ride by crmmoon Trent Turndown by roofdrop :thumb92155184: Mister Mc Speedy by SilverMercury Bmx end of session by arnaudpix :thumb110244112: :thumb100160790: Hardstyle BMX-MTB Session 3 by nvi5m Hardstyle BMX-MTB Session 5 by nvi5m Hardstyle BMX-MTB Session 4 by nvi5m :thumb74854768: :thumb103019658: :thumb55260886: Biker by Narsust The Wheel by Narsust Bmx by facesastheycome :thumb53251910: Shooting bmx 2 by Obscurity-Doll BMX by BEH1NDTHET1MES BMX rider by pistonbroke BMX holding on by Jesaja84 BMX flyin by bad95killer :thumb72324168: graffiti bmx by lockanload suzuki bmx masters germany by franekbmx BMX by nirgeiger bmx by borboleta-nocturna bmx by Given-ToFly BMX by Leomedia BMX I by hollywoodjesus :thumb76441927: :thumb62110899: BMX by oneafterone :thumb102518423: :thumb81470146: BMX Tailwhip by LeonBMX BMX by ana-g Mark Webb - Cheeky 3 by skandy32 KHE Impact Pro by Ingvaro back up. by hekmac37-productions
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Evo-let's avatar
Thank you so much, So sorry this is late. I haven't been on DA for ages. I was so surprised to see how many people have featured my work....
Evade101's avatar
sick ass feature

used to sk8, starting bmx, woOT for the da free-style life
Fatima-AlKuwari's avatar
thanks for the feature :)
ineedcoke's avatar
imi placeeeeeee
greencrazyeye's avatar
Oh sk8! This is so gr8! =d
muy buenas las fotos
viva el artee
oti-undercover's avatar
u're welcome :aww::iconflowerdanceplz: sorry for the late answer ^^;
Flip-punk's avatar
thanks for the feature, man :D
oti-undercover's avatar
u're welcome :aww::iconflowerdanceplz: sorry for the late answer ^^;
ShelbyEileen's avatar
Thank you. It means alot.
oti-undercover's avatar
u're welcome :D

srry for the late answer :rofl:
Beekee's avatar
Cool! Thanks :)
oti-undercover's avatar
thanks and u're welcome :clap:

:aww: :chew:
corkscr3w's avatar
thanks for the feature ! ;)
oti-undercover's avatar
notoothus's avatar
yo this is so cool i ride bmx why my pics not in here
please add mine please please :thumbsup:
oti-undercover's avatar
i can not edit the news but the next time, i'll add ya :clap: :hug:
notoothus's avatar
thanks so much means heaps :handshake:
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