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dreads by gothic-nymph :thumb28178914: :thumb85476342: :thumb29195312: Dreads by couuline :thumb110238991: natty dreads 2 by negriis :thumb74436783: 8 Ball corner Pocket Dreads by Utilikiltarian :thumb112009829: Dreads. by Cryssta :thumb81957023: Sunbathin Dreads by MsRaggaMuffin Dreads and Stramonium Datura by MsRaggaMuffin :thumb94287748: rasta sk8 by StopPanicIsJustMe Rasta Draco by Draconek :thumb86095421: :thumb50663567: :thumb70337232: :thumb98281489: summer feeling by Jahblessme :thumb111779021: lovely day today by Plast1cSmil3 lazy afternoon by Jahblessme :thumb81006462: blur by Plast1cSmil3 Freedom by iScreamLav :thumb77920490: :thumb84408590: :thumb117880198::thumb87398099: inna di red by legop4o 2.4 by Plast1cSmil3 :thumb87691671: :thumb85944909: :thumb102462187: mu-getsu by Plast1cSmil3 ID deviant by uigres :thumb111560737: :thumb105764102: Rasta Colors by facesastheycome Rasta Croquette by BezedHashe :thumb95960412: :thumb92177223: my rasta wall by kolina-chan Rasta GirL by OneLoveRoxy :thumb46789087: Maison rasta by LillieNirvana Rasta Hat by Muzfyn Rasta Life by lulapacefortune :thumb117880949: Rastatree by F-a-d-e-d :thumb112204680: :thumb78378589: :thumb60212783: Endless song karma by kaya-bambou rasta girl by xstokrotkax rasta pierce by sjofn03 :thumb108908554: :thumb112009536: Ra by Matt-Reutt wish by kisko Miss B by kaya-bambou Senegal II by Fields0fvision Optimistic by kaya-bambou Rasta by small-smile KIKI rasta by p0izon-Idea Child of Guadalajara by VikingHill Tener buen corazon by kaya-bambou :thumb81347420: yop yop by kaya-bambou ReGgae.. by fOu-MayiQ Pris de vertige by kaya-bambou :thumb48910982: cute reggae kid by killerfeeling One Love....One Live by ReneXa :thumb111027274: Reggae by medakoala Rasta by PulvisEtUmbraSum colorful by Jahblessme she's running out by kaya-bambou One Love by Fluffy22 Rasta by captivatedbyreverie :thumb93015424: :thumb107532167: Dont worry be happy... by FallenAngelJade four years on the floor by katre :thumb75233437: :thumb86556798: Lenonki i beret by GalenAlda :thumb116552718: :thumb62115351: dreads by StopPanicIsJustMe Say something by olushia-loosiczka _quasi4 by fedee pasyon by sk8rrian Tech by dashans :thumb62876510: Smile by kaya-bambou Me :P by shryne Burn Inside by shryne Colors are Fun by JacquiJax Obey Rasta Rules by GypsyPhotographer :thumb97240502: Dreader than dread by oh-donna :thumb15351321: Clips. by milkewer Druged Dog by daf88quebec We Love Rasta Style II by SofiPictures :thumb68586715: :thumb76497448: :thumb90077084: Fieldtrip to Mattila 5: Peace by ForsInk-Creation El Rolando by MsRaggaMuffin feeling good by Meriiit 3olor by museunderdrugs Grass by spAINDer :thumb116249799: Smile by solopolo :thumb74869151: :thumb101503091: rastaman taste by torny one love by tubaka :thumb59586557: myconverses. by AishiteruKay :thumb118173025: My back by V-eXperiencE :thumb95820247: :thumb100454468: freedom_isn't free by kripley Bow Wow Mon by ztormbringer :thumb86693260: all about Torny by torny fellaMARLEY avatar by keiross Howie and Herb E-card by MadRob Papa Lover by Hans-SHC :thumb83026926:
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love it! Is there a way to save this list on your profile?
oti-undercover's avatar
well .. you could select "Edit page" or something like that and click on add news .. than .. you're favorite news will be listed there :aww:

hope it helps ,peace
RastaDaniel's avatar
I cant find that Edit Page button. :S
thank u! veryvery much (:
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filthy filthy filthy filthy. (goes at screen with a whole bottle of shampoo!) clean those locks!!!
psychodelicGlass's avatar
i just logged on and got this message today...thank you :) <3
peregrination's avatar
thank you soooo much. :)
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BelleMagie's avatar
Everyone thinks I'm CRAZY but I always thought dreads were kinda sexy :love:
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oti-undercover's avatar
u're welcome :iconflowerdanceplz:

sorry for the late answer ^^;
fedee's avatar
thank you!
oti-undercover's avatar
u're welcome :iconflowerdanceplz:

srry for the late answer ^^;
tubaka's avatar
Great collection :)
thanks :heart:
oti-undercover's avatar
AishiteruKay's avatar
omg wow my shoes !(:
that pretty much made my day.

oti-undercover's avatar
:rofl: glad you're happy :D
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thanks for the feature :hug:
MaAscund's avatar
awesome! thaannkk yoouuu :hug:
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