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Dr. Jekyll's assistant

Illustration from my :iconvanishoct: submission! Dear Edward Hyde trying to be dapper.

In unusual situations--this being one of them--Hyde can imitate Jekyll more or less to a T, taking on his voice and mannerisms and whatnot. The result is (at least when I imagine it) easily just as creepy as when he's threatening you with a knife.

....finally finally finally got to draw Hyde in one of those victorian cloaks YEAH

Since I've been talking about it with a couple people, I should make note that I'm always "working" on Hyde's character, trying to get the guy just right. I'm miles off still but I'm making a proper bid for it with this audition XD

Tried to figure out a way to "color" the little illustrations I'll do for Vanish. Haven't quite gotten there yet, still looks messy.
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This is perfect and I love it! Hyde really looks like someone kind assistant who has interesting personality.  It's also so interesting to see Hyde acting (or playing, depends how you take it) like a gentleman. And when he acts like that, he is quite close to Jekyll since Jekyll is gentleman. I have a feeling that the line between Jekyll and Hyde is then more invisible than usually because Hyde kind of adopts Jekyll's way of behaving.
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Why on earth I find this sitution funny
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I really like Dapper!Hyde, I makes him look presentable, but then you realized too late!

That he is a phyco maniac.
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looks like Hyde took Jekyll's glasses I am a dummy! 
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Why hello sir. 
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this guy is
so awesome

drawing looks awesome, love the style ;^; omg
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Veeeery creepy...
I like it! :D
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He's effing adorable. I :heart: ur style.
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Do you think that Jekyll could play Hyde?
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Now I wanna draw Mr. Hyde from "Nightmare before Christmas" wearing one of those victorian cloaks.
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.....well Hyde has a sudden change in personality!
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he's smiling.......and he's kinda creepin' me out.....but he's quite attractive! :iconblushingplz:
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There's actually a reason for the attempted friendly-smile on Hyde's part--he's actually trying to play up the persona of actually being Dr. Jekyll's mild-mannered assistant!

Also your icon sure looks like a familiar face!
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but that's just the thing he WANTS you to think...but really he's a fricken nightmare.
otherwise's avatar
Well, of course. XD
Shadowhunter625's avatar
He is quite a cute guy though how u made him look.
Shadowhunter625's avatar
(Sorry i just loved the shadow...i hope you don't mind ^^;)

well Hyde does a great Fricken job at it! i can't tell the difference between the 2 of them!
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Was that sarcasm?
Shadowhunter625's avatar
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A stalker of comments.

Now answer my question.
Shadowhunter625's avatar
No, I'm a big fan of Hyde.
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