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Mike Oldfield
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Fallout 3/NV
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I always find a table is pretty good....
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soldering iron, angle grinder
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ponies, unicorns, steam engines! Anne
There are better, cheaper alternatives to this mob. They seemed alright at first, but they have gone mad with censorship and are likely to delete your account without comment if you render anything that upsets them, mentioned in their TOS or not. Use them at your own risk. They have gone censorship mad. There are many far better FREE options you can use, instead of paying top dollar for a service that bans the use of so many words it is ridiculous, automatically blurs images it deems inappropriate, and autoflags for "review" any that the blur has missed (and may officially warn then ban you over). Words that are banned include anything to do with the shape of the female body, anything that might render a child, anything that might render a nude, anything to do with sexual orientation, sex, sensuality, violence, injury, etc. If you find a workaround, they will ban it and probably ban you for using it. Many images it generates will be deemed "inappropriate". Keeping them
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Even though I have thousands of links to NightCafe Creations in my descriptions, I would recommend you avoid their services. They have gone censorship mad. With each passing day, even more words are banned. It is getting near impossible to describe the human figure, clothed or not. And to add insult to injury, they have decided my gallery on their site needed to be censored in its entirety - yes all the pics you see here - and deleted my entire account. Thanks for NOTHING, Night Cafe. All my prompts, art, everything gone without a word of warning.
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    H'ven Sent Aneki's world was small. It was spherical, and it only took a day to gallop from one side to the other. She had been taught nothing existed outside the sphere, but she wasn't so sure about that. Perhaps her world was a bottle, a container in which ponies had fled to live. A time would come when she gained the opportunity to investigate these things first hoof, if she lived that long. And for those that remember my last work of fiction, here are Lee and Anne from Fallout: Equestria. We're no Heroes
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awesome content! 🤩 loving the versatility!

i wonder if camila can partnering and befriends with alien freedom fighters.

Crossmos Tyranny-Hunt

In one timeline, maybe she does.

Beautiful pics I've just gotten into AI

Thank you again for the faves!!

Thanks for the ⭐!