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December 26, 2009
Steampunk iPod by *otas32 is an extremely believable render of a great concept. This version of the iPod has nearly all the features of the original, and looks awesome too!
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Steampunk iPod



My second Daily Deviation!!
Thank you so much :iconinmc:!

*And no Marco (INMC), I'm not mad I got my message box flooded with comments from other Deviants on this piece! What else could be more warming to the heart and the soul than to come back after the Holidays to find so many kind encouraging words from so many other talented artists?? Thank you all!

Created for The3DArtistClub Technology Contest. :iconthe3dartistclub:

WON SECOND PLACE!! YEY!! :thumb145669505:

It took some thinking how I would solve the iPod screen or the concept of the circular control for browsing the iPod menus :)

Actually, from this render angle, you can't see it, but the letter cylinders spell out in the "text viewer": Faux Reveur Chill Set, which is the record I was listening to while making this piece.

I was going to make a version with the iPod cover off, so you could see the internal workings, with multiple dented/textured cylinders much like the ones you find in a music box (the old grandma popping out little ballerina type music boxes). In the end I figured it would be too much work, and besides, the covered version has plenty of detail anyway :)

In the end, the result of this concept gadget renders a monophonic music played from metallic cylinders brushing their textured dots on another metallic brush thingy.

The vapor pressure cylinder is for powering each one of those music cylinders, and you choose which one by making the appropriate connection when you rotate the iPod "ClickWheel".

I put on it a a pressure gauge, you don't want to make the music go to fast by putting to much pressure hehe :) (and you want to check up on how much playing time you have, so you can add more water and heat it up hehehe :D

The earphones I decided should be a variation of a gramophone, but still looking like the common iPod plugs.

Of course I also put in the "screen" the little bar that tells you where in the song you are hehe (the little diamond).

The only thing I didn't figure out was how to upload music to your steampunk ipod, I guess you just change the cylinders, or get bootleg copies hehehe, and you "connect" your iPod to recharge steam :D

According to the ClickWheel, this is a 12 cylinder iPod... if U want more music in your unit, you have to wait for the 24 cylinder one hehe.

Please don't bootleg music cylinders, think of all the blacksmiths out there making a living with them.

Made with 3dsMax, working mostly with the basic Mental Ray textures. I made textures for the iPod cover, the letter cylinder, and the ClickWheel.
Rendered with Mental Ray, using a HDR map and some additional light objects using GlowLume.

Work time for the model and texturing about 4 hours, render time about 20mins.

Some slight touch ups in Photoshop and added my name.

Cheers :)
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Here is the prototype...

Just add to it.Easy to make it real!