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Macintosh iCrap

By otas32
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A tribute to the fact that Jonathan Ive (head designer for the whole iMac concept that started the come back for apple/Macintosh) started out designing toilets and combs ;)

It's not necessarily what I think about Mac puters, I mean, they're very very pretty toys :D

Tho, when it comes down to it I'd rather buy a designer furniture or a really nice vase, instead of a rather expensive toy puter... hmmm, maybe a Wii should be next on the list :D
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This is so hilarious.
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This toilet and the toilet paper look so awesome, I wouldn't want to use them.  I want them to remain untainted forever.
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I have 2 Macs, and I still think this is funny! :D The Apple logo on the floor looks like water that's leaked out as well. It's like, if you sit backwards on the bowl, you can watch yourself on the monitor / cistern.
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This is an insult
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XD Well, i think Macs are crap and this is just funny.
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If you say so.
Maybe only to Fan Boys *wink*
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Does it come with Flush or do I have to buy the app for that ?
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iFlush. For only $50 in the iTunes store :D
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This is a state-of-the-art oile com-pooter.
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How would you flush it?
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With iFlush, that you buy in the iTunes store.
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This is a funny picture, iCrap
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mac is the best of the best
for pro video/picture editor,programer(i can say that also linux) and even for normal user because it has the best graphic interface (ah and it has long battery life)
even iphone beats all the other phone brand
infact 'm still waiting for iphone 5
windows sucks
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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S3 (which I have {neener,neener}) voted best phone of 2012-2013.
I hope you enjoy your larger version of iPhone 4.5 (more known as iPhone 5).

hehehe, sorry, couldn't help it Fan Body :D
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Your opinion friend :)
It's a never ending argument, enjoy your intel inside computer anyway :D
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Lololol, I like this.
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Hahaha ur a genius!
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Thanks! hehehe
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nice !
I wish, that this is my bathroom
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