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Angry Baby Lucy

This is my new Leucistic Texas ratsnake, shipped fresh from BHB reptiles. He's a real firery little thing! I'm sure he will tame down eventually, but right now he's convinced that everything is out to eat him, especially my camera!

Lucy the ratsnake exhibits what is called leucism, which is a condition characterized by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans. Unlike albinism, it is caused by a reduction in all types of skin pigment, not just melanin. Which is how you end up with an all white snake and cute little blue eyes!

And yes, I am the most creative name-giver of all time. But I wanted a Beatles theme here. :P

I first want to thank everyone for all the love they've given this picture. It means a whole lot. Sadly, little baby Lucy died of unknown causes. It was a very tragic night, and she will be missed.


I hate to slap a huge watermark on this pic, but sadly the one I had in the corner has been edited out numerous times and this photo has been stolen more times than I can count. I don't mind the memes. I think they're cute, and honestly I find it flattering to see Lucy on so many places around the internet. But when I see that other folks are stealing the artwork to sell for their own profit... well that kinda ruins it for me. So, I do apologize, but I'm adding the big 'ol unsightly watermark to this photo from now on.  :(
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Jul 4, 2011, 4:43:00 PM
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hahaha look at that snake
it looks like it's going ''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH''
that is one gorgeous snake though!
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I am a Texan and I have never seen or heard of this beautiful critter.  Super photo!
PKBitchGirl's avatar
You won't find this colour of texas ratsnake in the wild, this is a colour mutation, regular ones are more of a brown colour
Crissillis's avatar
Damn!!! She White!!!😆😆😆 Is she an Albino?☺☺☺
RaptorWings's avatar
read the description
Samuel-Neocros's avatar
Now that's adorable
KarenAld's avatar
What a great photo, and so sad people keep stealing hit! Lucy was adorable, rest in peace, little one! 
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JackalyenMystique's avatar
I'm so sorry that Lucy died! I'm sure she was a sweetheart, even if she was a bit paranoid and thought your camera was trying to eat her.
eelram14's avatar
Wow! what camera do you use?
LeoArcticaa's avatar
Shes a cutie ^^
Buckshot64's avatar
" But first, let me take a selfie!"
HTFW's avatar

Ok enough fun.R.i.p lucy. :(
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
No matter how hard it tries to be intimidating, it still looks adorable.
illustr8m8's avatar
Aw Lucy, what a cute name and a cute lil guy
4dojo's avatar
it died? that's really depressing
Contrastoptim's avatar
Lucy without Fur is no devil at all, 
SimplyKristina's avatar
RIP Lucy beautiful snake even though i'm not a fan of them this would make a great wallpaper Heart 
chili19's avatar
So this is where the 'Angry noodle' meme is from. Never knew that.
PerseidGalaxy's avatar
it looks like an albino snakie :v
XxAsk-KlausxX's avatar
I feel like Ratsnakes are the only species that stack themselves like this. I've never seen another kind of Snake do that particular pose before, and I've been handling and catching wild snakes well over ten years now.
Freela6663's avatar
It's soo cute and lovely!!!!!:D
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