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Naruto as a Ninetales, is Obvious
Sakura as a Espeon, they are cute and delicated x3
Sasuke as a Umbreon, they are dark and solitary, but very good at battles and they are good friends when is necessary
Kakashi as a Mightyena, they are AWESOME! cool and very good Pokémon when they are trained with brain x3
Neji as a Luxray, they are very good at Battles and can see trough things, like the Byakugan, Luxray's are very fast Pokémon
Rock Lee as a Lucario, well, Lucario and Lee are very similar, good punching and Kicking, very VERY fast, and they are most in the physical(i spelled it right?) moves, Lucario learns more contact attacks, Lee can't do Jutsus like Kage Bunshin or Transformation, so...

Naruto-Kishimoto Masashi
Pokémon-Tajiri Satoshi
(This is part one)
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I love your naruto-pokemon and SASUKE IS MY #1 FAVORITE IN NARUTO.