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Untouchable (Goddess!White Diamond X Human!Reader)
All you could see was a dark abyss. You felt as if you were floating aimlessly. It took you a while to get used to it, but you began swimming around in this dark void. You had no idea where you were, or how you managed to get here in the first place. Unable to see anything, you kept swimming on. Pretty soon, you saw specks of light. Were these stars? It looked like it. Even though it seemed like you were in outer space, you could breathe just fine. Where were you? As you swam through the stars, you saw a light in front of you. Curiousity getting the better of you, you moved towards the light. It got closer and closer until you were blinded
|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C11}
Chapter Eleven: He’s Never Been in Love    “Oooh, what do you think of this?” You pointed to a shirt on a high rack.    “…Looks way last season.”    “Mm, but I don’t exactly keep up with trends…”    Flavio stood behind you with his arms crossed. “Clearly! I don’t even see why we’re shopping in a dreary place like this.”    You shrugged, “We’re in Chinatown. We live here.”    “Which means we don’t go shopping here, don’t you know the rules? We’re supposed to go to the outlets or to a mall with name brands,&#
|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C10}
Chapter Ten: He’s Got It Bad For You    “If anyone asks what happened, just say ‘parkour’.” Allen advised Zao, chuckling as he drove.    Zao was riding shotgun; he was still bandaged up from his stay at the hospital. A thin Band-Aid was on his left cheekbone while another was on the right side of his jaw. A layer of gauze was taped to one of his forearms, while the other arm was dotted with masked-down cotton in the places nurses had drawn his blood.    Bruises and scrapes were still apparent on his body, but not as bad as the day he’d came in. The healing pink scars on his raw, tender skin only gave
|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C9}
Chapter Nine: His Past Remains Hidden    Allen barged into your house. “Yo!”    With his left hand on the doorknob and foot in the doorway, he loudly proclaimed, “_____, I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.”    Oliver poked his head out from your kitchen, a cooking spoon in his hand. “Allen darling? What’s going on?”    Clutching a magazine, Flavio strutted out of the hallway. “What’s all the commotion, Al? By the way, _____,” He angled his head to you, “Honey, are we gonna do our nails later or not?”    You followed Flavio out of your room and into the living space. &
!Modern! Ezio x Reader ~ The Shirt
(You live with Ezio, Altair, Arno, Edward and Connor, you are their roommate.) You always loved things with meaning. Everyone who knew you, knew this. So when you dressed up in a shirt with sentence 'who needs a boyfriend' your roommates were laughing their heads off imagining your boyfriend's - Ezio - face when he will see you. You were dating for a month now and to be honest, you put on this shirt on purpose, to see his reaction. When he came back from work you welcomed him warmly by hug and gentle kiss. "And what did I do to get this, bella?" He asked with a famous smirk on his face, wrapping his arms around your waist. You smiled and po
Soldiers of Perim [Chaotic Fanfic]: Drakness
Drakness is an Ethereal assassin composed of pure shadow. Stalking his prey by mimicking their shadows, he coils them like a python before leeching their spiritual essence. Remaining of his victims are their soulless corpses, with little evidence tracing Drakness back to the death. Only Chaor and Drakness himself know how many have been murdered by the soul thief, though it's definitely many. Though a reliable killer, Drakness is enigmatic and circled in speculation. He is nearly incomprehensible, confusing most who try conversing with him. Some say his sentences are cryptic, containing a deeper meaning. Others just say it's nonsense commonl
Guardian Angel Ch. 1 (Demon!2p!Japan x Reader)
Chapter 1: Guardian..? Author's Note: This story will be constantly swapping perspectives between the characters of the story, so be prepared! ((Reader's POV)) It was a dark and stormy night. You sat huddled on your bed, buried beneath the covers as a furious storm raged outside. The wind howled and the rain pounded against the windows, thunder rolling loudly. Shadowy figures danced across the wall as lighting flashed, creating monsters that lurked in the night. You wanted to escape this scary scene, to succumb to the darkness and become ignorant of your surroundings, but you couldn't, wouldn't fall asleep. Because if you did, you would ha
Honey x Suicidal!Reader
Honey x Suicidal Reader     You were a normal girl, you weren't rich or poor considering you lived by yourself, you were just average. You were able to attend Ouran High School because you were an honor student. Your best friends were Koga (my character) and Haruhi. You knew them since middle school. When you came to Ouran Koga showed you around and then took you to the host club.    You already heard about Haruhi's incident at the host club. And since that day that you met the host club you started to develop a crush on Honey. Now it's been 5 months since you came to Ouran. Every day you went to the host club to see Honey. Koga already k
Vincent/Reader - Special Occasion
You let out a small, content sigh as you walked down the street beside your very own tall, dark and handsome mystery man. Of course, he was beginning to seem less and less like a mystery to you, but you still cherished every little thing you learned about your boyfriend of four years. “So, Vincent, mind telling me where it is you’re taking me this evening?” You asked, turning to look at the man beside you curiously. You saw one corner of his mouth twist slightly upwards, and he glanced at you out of the corner of his eye. “The Golden Saucer. It is… a special occasion, after all,” he replied. You furrowed
Vincent's Secret Love (Vincent X Reader)
He watched you as you slept peacefully. He walked over and sat quietly on the bed near your head. Reaching with his good hand, he gently caressed your cheek, ran it down your cheek, tracing your jawline, and down your neck. The pattern repeated for some time before you turned over, facing him, and scooted closer to him. A smile ghosted across his face as he lay down, careful not to jostle the bed around too much and wake you. He lay on his side, facing you, and smiled. He loved you very much, but would never say it to you or anyone else. Ever since you had come into his life, he'd promised that he wouldn't let anyone go near you or hurt y
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New friend. :D
Hello, Everyone. To all of you who watch my page. Good news. I found my Rp friend from FB. So, if you have the time. Tell her, "Hi." :D http://enigmaphantom139.deviantart.com/journal/?catpath=%2F
Devious Journal Entry
I am so nervous. My heart might freeze. My high school graduation is in a few hours. Can anyone give me advice on how to get over it?   ~ 2015 Graduate


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