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|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C11}
Chapter Eleven: He’s Never Been in Love
    “Oooh, what do you think of this?” You pointed to a shirt on a high rack.
    “…Looks way last season.”
    “Mm, but I don’t exactly keep up with trends…”
    Flavio stood behind you with his arms crossed. “Clearly! I don’t even see why we’re shopping in a dreary place like this.”
    You shrugged, “We’re in Chinatown. We live here.”
    “Which means we don’t go shopping here, don’t you know the rules? We’re supposed to go to the outlets or to a mall with name brands,” He finger-combed his blonde hair as he turned on his heel and stepped away from the aisle. “Tsk, tsk.  I thought I taught you better, honey.”
    You laughed as you fol
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|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C10}
Chapter Ten: He’s Got It Bad For You
    “If anyone asks what happened, just say ‘parkour’.” Allen advised Zao, chuckling as he drove.
    Zao was riding shotgun; he was still bandaged up from his stay at the hospital. A thin Band-Aid was on his left cheekbone while another was on the right side of his jaw. A layer of gauze was taped to one of his forearms, while the other arm was dotted with masked-down cotton in the places nurses had drawn his blood.
    Bruises and scrapes were still apparent on his body, but not as bad as the day he’d came in. The healing pink scars on his raw, tender skin only gave him a more roguish look. “…Sounds legit compared to ‘Allen got distracted by a pair of tits and let me fall to the cement from a running ten-foot drop’.”
    Allen burst out laughing, lightly hitting the steering wheel of hi
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 149 161
|| Dragon District || ~ 2P!China x Reader {C9}
Chapter Nine: His Past Remains Hidden
    Allen barged into your house. “Yo!”
    With his left hand on the doorknob and foot in the doorway, he loudly proclaimed, “_____, I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.”
    Oliver poked his head out from your kitchen, a cooking spoon in his hand. “Allen darling? What’s going on?”
    Clutching a magazine, Flavio strutted out of the hallway. “What’s all the commotion, Al? By the way, _____,” He angled his head to you, “Honey, are we gonna do our nails later or not?”
    You followed Flavio out of your room and into the living space. “Huh? Oh, yeah. What’s up Allen?”
    His intimidating eyes traveled from Oliver, to Flavio, to you. After a moment, he squinted, crossed his arms, looked away and grumbled, “…Nice t’know you
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 155 152
Chaotic Peace or War Forever by wolf-fighter Chaotic Peace or War Forever :iconwolf-fighter:wolf-fighter 8 6 Chaotic Perim's four tribes by Jessievieira90 Chaotic Perim's four tribes :iconjessievieira90:Jessievieira90 3 2
Of Szayel and Such Things
Of Szayel and Such Things
     Imagine my surprise (and disgust) when, while browsing BleachWiki, I found out that Szayel's Hollow hole was on his glans (if you don't know, Google). I mean, how big is his Hollow hole? How small would it have to be to fit on something like that, or how big would it?.....Ick. I don't even wanna go there (You kidding me, Kubo? A hollow hole RIGHT on that "lovely" organ right there?). You know what? I don't even WANT to know where his Espada rank tattoo is located.
     Awkwardness put aside, it makes for very good awkward situations. Take, for instance, if Szayel had also lost his pants/hakama (not even sure it counts as one the way he wears it?...) in Uryu's Sprenger attack. And his underwear, if Espada wear underwear. What would Uryu and Renji have said if they could've seen the location of his Hollow hole? I imagine it might've gone something like this?
Uryu: How are you still alive?!?
Szayel: Just anot
:iconpickleduck3:pickleduck3 1 1
Loving a Toy (ReaderXSzayel) (One Shot)

You are a new Fracciòn by Lord Aizen. You were assigned to be with Szayelaporro Granz (Szayel). He were told by his older brother about the way he acts and you got scared. You heard he did things to his Fracciòn's. You are quite shy and your outfit didn't help at all. It showed...a lot of things. The top was a very small tube top that had ruffles around your boobs, and you were..larger. Grimmjow wanted you for that reason only, and your bottom was almost like underwear. It was suppose to be short but the only size they had were small and fitted you like underwear. It had a small shirt in the front but it still showed you butt.
You sighed and walked to his room or rather area where he tested. You gently knock on the door, you didn't know what he looked like but you were told he wore glasses and had pink hair. You gulp and see a man with amber eyes, pink hair and white glasses. You thought he was rather cute, and you lightly
:iconnique239:Nique239 7 1
Mature content
Szayel Aporro Granz x Reader L :iconcamergue:camergue 50 18
!Modern! Ezio x Reader ~ The Shirt
(You live with Ezio, Altair, Arno, Edward and Connor, you are their roommate.)
You always loved things with meaning. Everyone who knew you, knew this. So when you dressed up in a shirt with sentence 'who needs a boyfriend' your roommates were laughing their heads off imagining your boyfriend's - Ezio - face when he will see you. You were dating for a month now and to be honest, you put on this shirt on purpose, to see his reaction. When he came back from work you welcomed him warmly by hug and gentle kiss.
"And what did I do to get this, bella?" He asked with a famous smirk on his face, wrapping his arms around your waist. You smiled and poked his nose.
"Nothing, I just missed you." You said giving him a mocking smirk, you turned away and lied down on the couch. Ezio looked at you and raised his eyebrows. "What?"
"Nothing more? Just a hug and one kiss? Bella, no warm meal for hard working, honorable gentelman like me?" Someone chocked with drink, well, two people. Other chocked with ai
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 122 9
The Icon Yamieggman Wanted by whitebloodyrose12 The Icon Yamieggman Wanted :iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 5 16 Takitress or Intrenom by whitebloodyrose12 Takitress or Intrenom :iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 3 29 Ode to Cherri by whitebloodyrose12 Ode to Cherri :iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 5 17 Tamara by whitebloodyrose12 Tamara :iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 4 12 Arezen In Battle by whitebloodyrose12 Arezen In Battle :iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 3 6
All I Have
Kaz's POV
     "-AAAAAAAAAAAAZ!" I awoke to Tom yelling in my ear.
     "Wha? Tom I-" I was not in the mood.
     "Chaor's back." Tom grinned.
      Obvious to say I got ready like lightning without a second to think. My body bursted with unseen energy and speed. "Where is he?"
     "Kaz, that was fast." Tom managed to put his jaw back in place. "He's waiting for you in the throne room. And we are taking pictures today." I followed Tom, who had stopped me from running due to "my bodily trauma" that was "still healing".  Honestly! I'm fine!
      The moment I walked in to the throne room I noticed it was only me and Chaor, even Tom had disappeared from behind me. "Kazzy."
     "Chaor." I blushed. "I was wondering when you'd be back, I missed you."
     "I'm sorry Kazzy.
:iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 20 101
No Shock Me
Tom's POV
     Eralen seemed to take to Kaz startlingly well. Hugging him at the chest, even. Which seemed out of normal. Eralen was like an adult from the moment he hatched, according to Sarah. He had been calm, quiet, and intelligent. He had tested his movements, his speech, and said his first words. In the same five minutes.
     Danian royals were known for quick intelligence, but even Najarin has never encountered such a smart child. And that's saying something. I admit I felt a bit jealous that he was a bit more advanced than Tamara. But hey, it's NOT a competition. Not at all. I mean, it's just friendly comparisons. Between eachother's children. Nothing more. Even though my son or daughter will inevitably be better at something. I can just see the quarrels now.
     "No!" Though seeing one similar helps. "No!"
     "Tamara, it's just using human camaz to create pictures." Intress
:iconwhitebloodyrose12:whitebloodyrose12 14 93


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