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Paladins: Chapter 2 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 1 0
Kakyoin Noriaki Pokemon Trainer by Otakusuke Kakyoin Noriaki Pokemon Trainer :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 5 0 Pokemon Trainer: Joseph Joestar by Otakusuke Pokemon Trainer: Joseph Joestar :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 6 0
Pokemon Savant
1st Essay: The Maverick Student
In an apartment in Rhapsody City an alarm clock rings deafeningly into the ears of a young man. The boy slams the  snooze button and lifts his head drowsily.  Once out of bed he digs into his closet and pulls out a crisp school uniform. The boy then leaves his room and walks down the staircase and finds his mother cooking at the stove. “Morning.”
“Morning, Dante. Your breakfast is gonna be a little late. Mind pouring yourself a glass of juice?”
“Yeah.” Dante takes a glass from the cupboard and takes a carton of juice from the icebox.
“Here you go Danny.” Dante’s mother brings over a plate of food; eggs, bacon, hashbrowns.
“Thank you.” After eating he puts the plate and glass in the sink and grabs his school bag at the door. “I’m going.”
“Are you sure you can do this? There’s gonna be a lot of Pokemon there.” She asked as she grabbed his picked
:iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 1 0
Paladins: Chapter 1
1st Megalith: A new Hunter
Far in the country a small, forest locked village is throwing a celebration for one of it’s own, the “Advent of the Star Ceremony”.  In a tavern many of the men are cheering and drinking in honor of a young man.  As this young man dances across the tables he swings his mead filled mug around in fervor. “Yahahaha!! Old Man Schwartzwald, another round for these sorry guys! I want everyone to have smiling faces when I ship off this afternoon.”
“You got it kid, anything for Orilon’s newest Champion Hunter.” Chuckled the middle aged man tending the bar. When all's said and done the sun begins setting and all the townspeople are gathered at the village gate to send off the fledgeling warrior.
From the back of the crowd walks an old man wrinkled in his prime, the town priest. “Dalton Evergreen, the time time is here. As you all know, 300 years ago our village was plagued by many rampant monsters and ban
:iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 3 0
Mature content
Kingdom Hearts: Half-Light Chapter 4 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 4 0
Mature content
Persona Unlimited Chapter 1 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 2 1
Mature content
How To Be A Superhero Chapter 1 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 1 0
Mature content
Cambion 2nd Report :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 1 0
Mature content
Future Card Buddyfight- Roads Chapter 2 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 2 0
Mature content
Resident Evil: Dearg Chapter 2 :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 0 0
Kingdom Hearts: Half-Light Chapter 3
3rd Heart: Companion
A friend. That is what he said. But what truly is a friend? Can you eat it, dress it, or embrace it? Can it be cut, lost, or forgotten? I want to know, what this friendship is. I will follow this friend. Maybe I will be led to IT through them.  L…
Like a shooting star the lion statue flies into a tree left of Remiel from an unseen blow and crumbles, allowing the Heartless inside to escape.. “That strike!? Who could have-”
“So this is what you went to do? Well I don’t know why the park’s statues are moving, but since you seem in trouble I’ll lend a paw.” Remiel turns to see Marco dusting off his fist as it throbs in pain. “(Note to self: Don’t punch concrete.) You alright?”
“Yes.” Remiel stands to his feet and backs away from the Heartless to stand by Marco. “I told
:iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 0 0
Pokemon Troupe Chapter 4
4th Badge: Quit bugging out
The energy cast out from the Pokèball collects and becomes a miniscule blue canine with black legs and a black mask like patch of fur on its face. It's red eyes stare at the snake as the Pokèmon gives a confused look to its opponent and the area around it, as if seeing the world for the first time.
Nash’s Pokèdex activates once more and unlocks a new entry. “Riolu, the Emanation Pokèmon. It communicates with others using the aura it emanates from its body, this also allows it to see emotions. Despite its small stature it's superhuman abilities allow it to clear nearly any task in a single night.”
“Riolu… H-Hey!” He said attempting to grasp the Pokemon's attention.
As the little critter turns to him  he acknowledges a voice of a little girl, yet no such person is around. “Hey. You remember me, don't you? So, what is it?”
Dumbfounded, Nash stares down at the Riolu with only one question i
:iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 2 0
Mature content
Star Vagabond Archive 2: No Return Address :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 1 0
Mature content
Cambion 1st Report: A Voluntary Recruit :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 0 0
Digimon: Uncoded Byte 4 The Hidden Clan
Thrusting his Digivice into the air Kazuya confirms his new option by pressing the round button below the screen. And as soon as he does a red “X” appears on the screen with a loud buzzing noise. “Huh?” Bringing the device to his face Kazuya reads the captions laid across the screen. “What do you mean no spirit detected?!?”
“Will you keep it down out there!!!” yelled Shoutmon from the Digivice.
“Shoutmon? You’re awake too!” spoke Dorumon.
“Of course I am! I can’t hear myself dream with all the yelling out there, a lady like me needs he beauty sleep! Just what are you boys doing out there?”
“With no help from you we’ve been losing this battle.” He said pointing his Digivice at the Renamon.
“You’re having trouble with that little girl? [Sigh] Can’t you boys do anything but pick fights with the defenseless?”
“She was rummaging through my bag. Besides, she lit
:iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 0 0


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I've noticed this stain on my mattress. The weird thing is that its shaped like a front view of a Deatchclaw head.


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