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wow Lots of poneys lolzs (;
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Haha nevermind I was so lazy I hadn't noticed you already answered that down the comments. Man I would buy these if it wasn't so much D:
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Holy fucking shit! how much does all that cost?!
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I won't spoil anything about the story of the episode. But I will say this: I think it was fake. Like, even though the episode showed up, I think that the episode that showed up was a fake, just because of the animation and voice differences between it, and every other episode.
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If so, it was a pretty good fake. If another episode airs this Saturday, we'll have to consider it an alternate ending or something.

I doubt they would put that much effort into screwing with you.
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Well, see, here's what I saw:
Animation differences. The skeleton rigging in Flash was performed differently in this episode, providing a slightly different animation to the walk cycles and general animation, in particular in the back flank.
Completely custom backdrops. None of the backdrops were actually consistent with the series of default backdrops I've noticed in previous episodes.
Voices were off pitch, and lacked not only normal characteristics for their voices (like Sweetie Belle's cracking voice. Seriously, the entire episode it was completely smooth), but also lacked the amount of emotion that I am used to seeing.
It could be that Studio B brought in some interns to help with this episode, and that it may have been rushed at the time to provide the above. However, it still leaves quite a bit of doubt in my mind. I guess we'll see in the morning.
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That would be such a dick-slap to the fans.

Also, because they used new backdrops? That's your proof?

...well, if it is a fake episode, I'll need to rewrite my weekly review. Those are three or four hours I'll never get back. I'll be roight pissed mate!
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So it's not a fake. I was wrong. But it's still off.
Twilight's voicing seems deeper than usual.
Sweetie Belle's voice lacks its usual cracks.
There's a hint to On a Cross and Arrow in one of the backdrops in regards to scenery.
Old pony is clergy and at a funeral? Didn't seem to fit with the usual world of Equestria.
There's more, but I can't think atm.
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Too drunk? Me too!

I did notice Twilight seemed a bit off, but regarding Sweetie Belle, what cracks?

What's On a Cross and Arrow? And do you have a timecode?

I only recently noticed that the old pony was a minister after the episode first aired, and I posted my weekly review. Which sucks because I could have commented on it.

I hate that because I've always imagined Equestria to be an atheist society.
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Normally Sweetie Belle's voice cracks into a squeal any time she hits a high note. See [link] for references. At about 2 minutes in, Sweetie Belle was shocked about Cheerilee not having that very special somepony, which really called for such a voice crack.
On a Cross and Arrow is a fanfic, in in a specific part there's a very particular shop that is described that Bubble Berry and Pinkie Pie went to in order to gather party supplies, which was one of the extra buildings added at roughly 3m0s in. In fact, I don't recognize any of those buildings from the other episodes.
BlackWidower's avatar of those shops have names. So...what are you talking about?
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Not just new backdrops, but specifically it seemed all new backdrops, none of the stock they typically use. Anywho, we'll know for sure in about 2 hours. I was going to go into more details, including a reference in the backdrop to a certain fanfic (which *fyre-flye said is taboo to read as a person working for MLP) that I even caught.

I'll go into more detail later, when it's no longer considered spoiler.
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If anything, that's the opposite of proof. If they were going to release a fake episode, they would have used nothing but old assets, and half-assed it as much as they could.
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How much are these for download?
And xD
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It's $50 for a season pass or $2.99 per episode I think. I sprung for the Season passes.
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Had my iTunes season pass, so it started downloading immediately. Originally, I just thought it was an error. The preview for it hinted that it was "Read it and Weep." So it seemed like a mislabeled episode going up, or perhaps some miscommunication on the reposting of "The Last Roundup."

So then I check it...and oh my God, immediately closed it. I feel like a total criminal hacker mastermind badass having it. Originally, I thought the courteous thing to do would be to just wait for it to come out on Saturday before watching it, but ya know, I already gave Hasbro my money so they aren't losing revenue if I check it out early. And if I'm so pent up about being respectful about it, I figured...hey, it's worth watching, the most courteous thing I can do is enjoy the show and shut up about it for the next few days.
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They put "The Last Roudup" back up! Awesome! Yay, Derpy!

...that was the reason, right?
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I downloaded my "Last Roundup" before they took it down. So I don't know if they've done that yet...
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It's already on youtube.
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And the world watched Pony... three days early. ;)
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