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Wild Fire and friends

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And because the florescent lighting in my kitchen is terrible, I thought that I would get a nice photo of Wild Fire and the other ponies outside in some natural light.

Fluttershy is missing because making the mold damages the sculpts, so she'll be out of any group shots until I can finish one of the resin kits for her. I needed a darker pink spray paint for her anyway...
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You'd have to fight Sabby for her. ;)
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Yeah, but I have gjskafaehrkwir rainbows. She has an art pen.

Well, bribery comes in handy too XD
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I really think Hasbro(that's the company that makes these right?[I actually know nothing about this..]) Should commission you to make their toys.
Perhaps you should send a couple of samples to them?
They might just like what they see.
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Yeah, having Hasbro use my sculpts is a bit of a pipe-dream of mine. It would mean that I could just stick to the fun part of the project (the sculpting) and not have to do all the boring molding and casting anymore. =P
But I honestly don't want to bring too much attention to myself- Hasbro is good about letting the fans do what the fans do, but if one gets too overt... well, they have to go through the motions.
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I can understand that.
Too much attention = getting sued
Getting sued is never okay, but still.. Hasbro needs to move away from the synthetic hair.. It looks silly.

Imagine a Venusaur toy with a synthetic flower on the back.
It doesn't look good, right?

I would just show them some of your work. It wouldn't hurt am I right?

Or just keep publishing works(which i'm sure you'll keep doing)
I know Marvel finds people it sees suitable on sites like this as well as Tumblr. That's sort of my dream, so I can understand.
Perhaps Hasbro does the same.

Just try, you never know what good will come out of it! :)

No dream is unrealistic, or too far out of reach.
It's just the amount of effort you want to put into your work is what gets you closer.

Remember that.
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I remember seeing this for the first time and FLIPPING OUT because I thought they were life size, due to the background.
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LOL! No. They're just on the railing of my back deck. I'm not *that* skilled.
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Wow! Wild Fire is just amazing!
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Thanks! She was my first attempt at a full-body repaint on a pony, as well as my first attempts at painting cutie marks and eyes. I was pretty happy with her. =) So was Sibsy.
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I want to try this but I'm not sure my daughter would want me to foul up her ponies. The molded ponies are very popular in this house.
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LOL! Yeah, I ended up getting a second of each of my victims when I decided that I was really going to pursue this project. One to keep stock, and the other to mod to my heart's content! =)
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Ack pressed return too fast. Did you spray-paint Wild Fire or use just a brush? What kind of paint? The pony's body doesn't even look like she was even painted! I don't think my first attempt would even be close to presentable.
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How did you paint the eyes and mark like that? They're so crisp and clean edged.
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How? First I got a small paintbrush, and then I trimmed off most of it's bristles. Then a steady hand and a serious case of eye-strain. LOL!
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omg I love this wildfire pony! Shes so cute!
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Thanks, I put a lot of work into making her. She's my first complete custom that's fully repainted with hand-painted eyes and cutie-marks-- a great challenge. =)
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I would buy all your customs too your amazing at this! Please go apply for a job at Hasbro?
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LOL! No, I'm still angry at Hasbro for what they've done to my Transformers. And I'm a Park Ranger, so I've already got a cool job. =)
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aww...well i agree park ranger sounds like it would be an awesome job.
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Wildfire Looks. AMAZING! I usually don't like molded hair, but you.. you make it look AMAZING!
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Well, I hope I manage to change more opinions about sculpted hair-- your's is one that I've been hearing a lot. I also hope to inspire some more artists out there to give this a go; there's a lot of potential with this, and all it takes is a bit more time and attention to do something truly wonderful... and there are honestly more characters out there than I can fathom making sculpts for... although I certainly am going to try!
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Well here's a challenge: Celestia and/or Luna !
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