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Six Finished Sculpts

And here are all six of my sculpts! Hopefully tomorrow will lend itself to a bit of spray painting, and I can start making the mold boxes for Pinkie and Dash. =D
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While I do like the molded-hair ponies Hasbro made in the gift pack, your work on Pinkie's hair is utterly amazing. Fluttershy, Dash and Rarity look wonderful, too, but being my favorite- and me being a life-long stickler for accuracy in my cartoon toys- Pinkie just couldn't be better.
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Thanks! Yeah, I improved as I went along. Applejack isn't bad, and I really am tempted to go back and redo Twilight so her sculpt better matched the rest-- it's not bad... it just doesn't quite match. But, for the moment, I'm not going to worry about all that. Rarity is where I hit my stride, and Pinkie and Dash were last, but Pinkie really was the winner for me. Dash was honestly super easy to do after all the time and work I put into all the others. =)
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I saw some of your work else where. These look great, I like them better than the ones in the store.
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Uh oh. My work is being seen elsewhere? That's ominous... I've seen it pop up on EqD, ponychan, and on tumblr... Should I be aware of anywhere else in particular?
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I didn't mean to worry you. I've seen your work(your molds) a lot on here and since then quite a few times randomly on tumblr.

I've seen that they release fashion style g4 pony's and wondered if you'd be making molds for those giant beasts?
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I am tempted to make sculpts for the fashion style ponies... but I'm just not sure how feasible it would be. A FS sized kit would have to be priced a lot higher than one of my current kits (The material cost will be about 8 times as much per kit), and I'm not sure how well I could make back my investment.
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I must say, you've done an amazing job on these!
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Soon they will be MINE.
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You forgot the maniacal laughter and lightning/thunder...
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I'm not that kind of villain.
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Haha When I saw the Thumbnail Dash looked Like Trixie, So I was like "Wtf? Trixie isnt a Mane 6" and then I occurred to me.

Hasbro should sell the toys like this, They would be a lot cuter.
OtakuSquirrel's avatar
My family think they're cuter this way also. They cleaned me out of my back-stock of kits and not I've fallen behind on my orders again! Silly family. =)
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I wish hasbro would hire people like you on their toys. I would absolutely buy all of the Mane 6 if they looked like yours! They Look very close to the shows versions.

Question, Do you sell these pre-painted? I have crap painting skills and I would love to have one of these guys for my shelf.
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I don't sell them pre-painted-- I want to keep the price down as much as possible, and prep and paint take several hours of work; the cost for my labor would make them too expensive for most people if I did that. There are some artists that have expressed a willingness to paint them on commission though... the other alternative would be to find a craft-oriented friend or family member and bribe them with chocolate. =)
Tinypaperdresses's avatar
Well Unfortunately I am that member. I mean I could do it, but I would really love to get it perfect and have it as a collectible. Do you have a good time for buying them? I know you are swamped right now and I am very flexible.
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These are incredible! RainbowDash looks so strange without her rainbow, too.
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LOL! Yeah, she does. If I had found a Flitterheart before I made the molds for her, I would have had some nice "Fire Fly" pictures to post also. But that time's past and I've got my completed Rainbow Dash now. =)

I'm still going to make a Fire Fly as soon as I got a Flitterheart though... ;)
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Wonderful work on the mane/tail & hat sculpts.

Good luck with future work ahead of you!
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I totally love and admire your mane/tail resin sculpting! You did a big justice in the ponies, they look so professional! and my! I can se a cute Smartypants there!! :la:
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Thanks! I got better with each sculpt that I did... although I still take nearly forever to finish a sculpt. Except Dash... Dash went super quick and was easy compared to the rest. =)
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Wow you made these? :o
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