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Fluttershy and friends


And here's a test fit for Fluttershy's mane and tail. Doesn't she look great!!! =D

Twilight is sad, I still haven't finished painting the streaks in her hair. I'm almost happy with Applejack; yellow paint is always such a pain on large surfaces, and her tail had a couple areas that just didn't agree with me. I'm also fixing a couple spots on her hat.
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All are Funko ? 
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Oh hell no.  These are normal Hasbro brushable ponies with their doll hair removed and replaced by my mane and tail sculpts.
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FlutterShy is my favorite pony!
My, icon... :iconepicpegasister:

It says my username, a Furry FlutterShy and: Fluttershy is our Butterfly.
Anyway, amazing 3D models!
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i think twilight looks beatiful i think you do not have 2 paint the streaks~rainbow dash
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Fluttershy your favourite pony? :3
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Nope- but I spent A LOT of time on her sculpt. ;) (It's Pinkie Pie, but Rarity is a real close 2nd)
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Omg! I want that so badly! :P
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All of my want!!!
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Hasbro should hire you!!!!!
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You need to start making more of these and selling them. I can guarantee you will have the money rolling in.
Seriously, I would pay £20 for one of these, others would pay possibly more.
Fantastic work, you are a true craftsman!
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I do sell them on occasion. Most of them are between $80 and $100, but for some of my more complicated ones I charge more. Not sure what the exchange rates puts that at.
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Well you should sell them more often then :) $80 is about £50.
By 'more complicated', what do you mean? Like, accessories and such?
My idea is that if you charged say, $30 - $50 for them, more people would be able to afford them, meaning you'd have more regular custom. You could be making four times the amount you previously did. Just an idea :) Keep up the awesome work!
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More complicated would be Vinyl Scratch for example. I make her glasses are removable and have to repaint her eyes and cutie-marks in addition to her mane and tail. I haven't even sold a finished Daring Do yet because she honestly takes me about three days of dedicated work to finish- the price I would have to charge for her would be obscene.

I already have a full time job, so this is pretty much just a hobby; I don't want to sell too many as I just don't have the time for it. Part of why they're so much better than many other customs out there is because I put tons of time into them; as odd as it sounds, I honestly can't afford to sell them for any cheaper.
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what did you use for their manes?
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The originals are created with sculpey-- but all the finished ponies have resin copies of those.
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They are beautiful!
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Amazing! So Hasbro has not released a R,F,or RD with plastic hair yet... looks like my last resort if you! XD :P
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where can i find this toys !!! or where at ? if u can send the link as well if u have one.
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The manes and tails are mine-- I make them. The bodies are just the regular toys with the doll hair cut off. I take orders on occasion-- if you browse through my old journal entries, you can find some of pricing info from past offerings. =)
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How did you make these?
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