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YCH: Framed Senshi Portrait -CLOSED- by FireFlea-San
Evil Defeated by FireFlea-San
Sailor Tracer by YukiMiyasawa
CO- Tempest Sailor Zephyr by FireFlea-San
OC Senshi
Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Sister and Bestie. by TearsIntoRedRoses
CO- Sailor Nebula by FireFlea-San
ACEO Spessartine Ichneumon by nickyflamingo
Sailor Denebola by persephowone
Evil OC Senshi
Black Lady by Nenril-Tf
ACEO Rubidium Salmander by nickyflamingo
ACEO Murderfloofs by nickyflamingo
I Want to Ruffle Your Feathers by nickyflamingo
OC Princesses, Queens
Beautiful Queen of Roses - Katie by TearsIntoRedRoses
Queen Fuwari by ladysailorcute
Fuwari's new dress by ladysailorcute
Clarissa Tsukino by ladysailorcute
OC Villians
ACEO Barium Glacier Bear by nickyflamingo
Pin Up Sailor Chromium Chiroptera by nickyflamingo
Crystal Portrait Gadolinite by nickyflamingo
CO- Qal Magnetara by FireFlea-San
Otaku Male Senshi
CO- Eternal Sailor Cadmus by FireFlea-San
March Reward ACEO Alpha Scutum by nickyflamingo
Alpha Cassiopeia Bust by nickyflamingo
Galaxy Portrait Canis Minor by nickyflamingo
OC Kamen- Knights
CO- Tuxedo Prism by FireFlea-San
Seiro by sailor-mimi
Prince Hesperus by sailor-mimi
Galaxy Portraits Amelia and Ambrose by nickyflamingo
OC Starlights
Sailor Star Arrow by CrystalSetsuna
OC Senshi -Civilian forms
Semi-new Sailor Moon OC by persephowone
Chibi Koinuko! by persephowone
Sailor Senshi OC (Tamar) by ScarletAnimeFox
Ashley in Uniform Collab by Yuni-Naoki
Otaku Magical Pets
Drachea Comm- Sailor Cubby by FireFlea-San
Aurelia, Guardian of Sadalmelik by EMReven
Jeans, Guardian of Munroe by EMReven
Wallace, Guardian of Thalassa by EMReven
Sailor Moon
Bedhead by persephowone
Sailor Cosmos
FB Prize: Bride Chibi Chibi by Yuni-Naoki
Sailor ChibiMoon
Luna P Transform! by persephowone
Sailor Mercury
CO- Formal Ami w. Cyberfox by FireFlea-San
Sailor Mars
Happy Birthday to Sailor Mars! by persephowone
Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Princess of Chosun by kgfantasy
Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus by Nenril-Tf
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Uranus by Nenril-Tf
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Neptune by Nenril-Tf
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto by Nenril-Tf
Sailor Saturn
CO- Sailor Saturn 90's Palette by FireFlea-San
Luna, Artemis, Diana
Luna by Nenril-Tf
Sailor Starlights
ACEO Sailor Star Fighter by shabukib
Tuxedo Kamen
MamoXHaruka Red X Gold Eagles by anemoneploy
Canon Princesses - Queens
serenity~ by persephowone
Canon Villians
fiore  sketch by persephowone
reinako by persephowone
Misc. Otaku Characters
Daphnis the  Prince of Saturn-commission by terraaremar
Misc. Canon Characters
CO- Argent Paladin by FireFlea-San
Sailor Adopts
Senshi adopt closed by PhoenixOfTheFireLily
Transformation Items, Wand, Brooches
Sailor Red Spider's newer equipment  by Genie135
Sailor Uranus-Cosplay by Nenril-Tf
Fan-made and Canon Merchandise
Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus Sailor Mars by MoonCollectar


Naru as Ariel by UsagiRose1991 Naru as Ariel :iconusagirose1991:UsagiRose1991 103 8 Sailor Ediona Crystal (Screenshot Edit) by NEOH-Night Sailor Ediona Crystal (Screenshot Edit) :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 46 3 OSA Portrait: Sailor Ediona by NEOH-Night OSA Portrait: Sailor Ediona :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 17 3 The Sentinel [Screenshot Edit] by NEOH-Night The Sentinel [Screenshot Edit] :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 12 3 Under Ive's Light by NEOH-Night Under Ive's Light :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 13 3 Rilieth Power, Make Up! [Screenshot Edit] by NEOH-Night Rilieth Power, Make Up! [Screenshot Edit] :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 8 3 Sailor Rilieth by NEOH-Night Sailor Rilieth :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 10 3 Surprise! Age Swap! [Screenshot Edit] by NEOH-Night Surprise! Age Swap! [Screenshot Edit] :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 18 0 The Marvelous Sailor Meida by NEOH-Night The Marvelous Sailor Meida :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 7 2 New Hope [Screenshot Edit] by NEOH-Night New Hope [Screenshot Edit] :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 10 0 Rainy Days [Screenshot Edit] by NEOH-Night Rainy Days [Screenshot Edit] :iconneoh-night:NEOH-Night 9 0 Sailor Cosmos by Suki-Manga Sailor Cosmos :iconsuki-manga:Suki-Manga 298 22 Sailor Cosmos Crystal by Kymoon Sailor Cosmos Crystal :iconkymoon:Kymoon 136 13 DD Sailor Moon by djvanisher DD Sailor Moon :icondjvanisher:djvanisher 19 9 the godness of the sea,Michiru Kaioh by Karachiel the godness of the sea,Michiru Kaioh :iconkarachiel:Karachiel 12 7 The death of Uranus and Neptune by LadyOfBarians The death of Uranus and Neptune :iconladyofbarians:LadyOfBarians 92 39



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Group Rules & Submission Rules

:spotlight-left: ALL SAILOR MOON FAN ART IS NOW WELCOME!! :spotlight-right:

:star: CLUB RULES :star:

We support all quality of works! Unlike most groups that are ridiculously strict on "great quality only", we want your finished works regardless of your skill level. We love all works! Please do your best to submit your finished works (coloured)! Colour is better for the soul!

:bulletblue: Respect ALL artist's- it's the golden rule!
:bulletblue: Rude comments and/or flaming will not be tolerated. Any member and/or deviant who does so will be removed and blocked from the group.
:bulletblue: The term MARY-SUE is NOT ACCEPTED HERE. If you think that someone's senshi is a "Mary-sue", then please keep it to yourself. There is enough nonsense about the whole "mary-sue" thing.
:bulletblue: Artwork must be your own! Doll makers and outcomes are NOT accepted! Pixel bases/trace overs and blank edits are also not allowed.
:bulletblue: Members must be a fan/creators of OC Senshi.
:bulletblue: Pornography and/ or sexually explicit work is prohibited.

:star: SUBMISSION RULES :star:

:bulletblue: You must be a member to submit artwork!
:bulletblue: All senshi fan art is now welcome!
:bulletblue: Members can submit up to 10 pieces of work PER DAY PER FOLDER.
:bulletblue: Submit artwork to proper folders!
:bulletblue: Submitting to Featured has been disabled! This encourages users to submit to the proper folder!
:bulletblue: Doll makers and outcomes are NOT accepted. Original work only! Pixel bases/traces are not allowed.
:bulletblue: We will not accept work if it is not done by you! If another artist drew/ created it, and you uploaded it into your own gallery, IT WILL BE DECLINED. We do not support this!
:bulletblue: We don't accept furry or anthro characters. Sorry for the inconvenience.
:bulletblue: We want finished work ONLY! No sketches or lineart; Finished, coloured works only!
:bulletblue: GTS and/ or fetish work is not tolerated here.
I no longer have the interest to run this group, thus it's now officially closed. If someone is interested in taking over, please PM.
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HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick question: when you say "trace overs not allowed" does that mean works done by using a base that has been traced from a screenshot are not allowed?
FireFlea-San Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
That is correct. I'm sorry!
HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, then you have to delete a lot of works in the gallery, because some are clearly using screenshot bases.
FireFlea-San Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Then please send a note to the group with links to the works in question so they can be reviewed. All submissions go through a review process and are screened before being accepted so I can assure that most of the submissions that are approved have passed our guidelines. If you have an issue with one or multiple of the submissions in the gallery, please note us :)
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TJStock Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Do not bring personal issues to this group; we will not allow that and it's unacceptable.
phantominnovator Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
What if you call your own oc a Mary Sue?
FireFlea-San Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
That's your own choice and that's fine :)
JustAStrangeGal Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Is this group still active? I'm considering joining! :)
FireFlea-San Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
It is very active :D
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