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*CONTEST ENTRY* Kageyama Tobio x Reader :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 72 16
Yato x Reader! Chapter 5-Part 1
5 Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 5-PART 1: A date gone wrong!?"
~Last time~
To me, (F/n) is just....perfect. Ever since I met her, although it wasn't that long ago, I knew she HAD to be the right one for me. I plan to make her I really that in love with her?... I suppose..she does make me love crazy..I'd do anything in my power to keep her safe from harm.
You guys made it to the carnival safely and you were making your way toward the mini games. You were beyond excited! You wanted to win a big stuffed (favorite animal) plush. You were willing to beat anyone who got in your way of winning that stuffed animal!
"Come on Yukine! We HAVE to win that (favorite animal) plush!" You shouted out to him with complete excitement in your voice. On your (s/c) face, you had the biggest smile on, and your teeth were shining brighter than the moon. Yukine blushed at you sudden excitement and smiled, nodding.
"Y-yea (F/n), let's win it!!" He said back to you
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 70 51
Yato x Reader! Chapter 4-Part 2
Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 4: PART 2-Love crazy!"
~Last time~
You thought he would confess, that he would kiss you, or if he would at least ask you out on a date! You just squirmed inside and slept with a smile on your face. But then again, you could be wrong....he may be playing tricks on you.
But damn, does that man make you go love crazy~
Your phone started ringing loudly and it woke you up from your deep slumber. You jumped up and quickly answered you phone,
   "HELLO?! Who's this?" You questioned as you were still startled and scared half to death from the sudden and rude awakening.
You heard a voice yell back at you in anger. "(F/N!) DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! You were suppose to meet us here in two hours and your not!" The voice was Yato's, of course. You sighed and answered back, "Yato, calm down, it's only 2:00...I'll be right there! That's the exact time that I needed to go anyway, so stop being such a drama queen je
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 56 22
Mature content
Italy x Reader Lemon!! Best Anniversary Ever~ :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 304 163
Happy 4/13!! by Otakupower01 Happy 4/13!! :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 41 2
~Yato x Reader Fanfic!~Chapter 4-Part 1
Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 4: PART 1-Love crazy!"
~Last time~
"That man.....drives me crazy with every little thing he does...." You whispered to yourself as you felt your heart beat pound rapidly from the excitement. You were head over heels for Yato! You couldn't hold it in! You promised yourself that next time you see him, you'll at least try to confess. But you knew deep inside, that it will be a long way there.
In was mid-morning, around 11:30. You yawned in boredom as you flipped through the channels on the tv. You were beyond bored, it was a dull and slow Saturday, which you wish would go faster. You had nothing to do, you finished all your homework, did all your chores, you even went out for a walk, yet that didn't help you.
You turned the tv off and sighed, putting your head back on a pillow.
Then, you heard a soft ringtone. It sounded like a cat meowing a bunch of times. You instantly knew it was your phone, so you dug into your pocket
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 47 19
~Eren Jaeger x Reader One shot!~ Happy Birthday~
~Eren Jaeger x Reader One Shot!~
Happy Birthday~
"Hey Eren, could you buy this for me?" You asked him as you showed him the lavender orchids that were in your hands. He looked at you and hesitated for a moment.
"U-uh...Sure (F/n)." He replied right after he took a deep breath. He paid for the flowers with his own money and then handed you the flowers. "May I ask, why did you get flowers anyway?" He asked you as he put his hand behind his neck.
You tried to think of an excuse quickly. You didn't want him finding out that it was actually for him! You wanted this all to be a surprise, sadly you wasted all your money on the big special gift for him so you had to get him to pay for the flowers. You hated using him since he was your boyfriend but it was the only way.
"No reason, I just wanted to buy them for Mikasa. She asked for them." You lied to him. You were surprisingly good at lying. He looked at you confused as all hell, but he just shrugged it off and believed you.
"Hey Eren, do you
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 20 18
Yato x Reader Fanfiction 3 Noragami
Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 3: Getting to know you better/A-A kiss?!?
~Last time~
"(F/n), call me whenever you need services or help." And his number was written on it. Your cheeks began to heat up again and your heart skipped a beat.  "Why does he make me feel like this? Maybe Hiyori was can't be...could it?" You thought to yourself.
All you thought about was what tomorrow will bring for you. You had so many ideas of what could happen! You could even say that you actually felt happy for once! Just thinking about it all made your heart feel warm inside.
The sunlight from outside shined down into your room. The sun soon hit your eye as you laid sleeping, you tried to move away from it but sadly it was too bright so it woke you up.
You sat up from your bed and stretched as you let out a sleepy yawn. You removed the sheets of the bed off of your body. Your (e/c) eyes looked over to the side and saw the alarm clock. It's glowed
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 87 45
Yato x Reader Fanfiction 2/Noragami
Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 2: The story is told/ Getting to know you better!"
~Last time~
"Nice to meet you Hiyori! My name is (F/n) (L/n)." You greeted with a smile.
That's where it took off, you two talked for a couple of minutes. She talked about how she got her "tail" or soul, she also mentioned about her normal life as well, but soon she brought up a question on how you got your soul attached to you.
"So, (Name)'d you get your "tail"?" She asked and emphasized tail. You looked up at her and took a deep breath. Once you exhaled, you started.
"It's actually a funny story!" You joked around being sarcastic as ever.
You told her your story and she was literally at the verge of crying about it. Her purple orbs were glistening with sadness, they were puffed and red. She let out a whimper and soon, small tears started falling. She quickly wiped them away and started, "O-oh my....(Name) I d-didn't much you've gone through.." She
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 78 16
Yato x Reader! Fanfiction/Noragami
Yato x Reader fanfiction! Noragami
"A long way there
Chapter 1: The Beginning/ It's actually a funny story!"
"W-what are you doing!? Get off!" You whined on and on, begging for "him" to get off of you.
"But all I want is a hug!.." The young looking man said, and soon had a mysterious smirk on his face. He leaned in closer toward your (s/c) face, that was now redder than ever, if that was even possible!
"Or how about a kiss?.." He grinned evilly as he said. You were about to protest, but before you could he stole a kiss.  Your whole entire face flooded with a shade of crimson, you were completely in shock! Why would he do such a thing!? You felt as if it were wrong...but it did feel so right too. You soon left your thoughts and leaned into the kiss. You were actually doing it! You were kissing your long time crush!
Soon, "he" leaned back but not too far away from your beautiful (s/c) face that happened to still be red from his sudden actions.
He looked into your big (e/c) orbs with
:iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 172 18
~Cute drawing~ by Otakupower01 ~Cute drawing~ :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 1 0 ~Some sketch~ by Otakupower01 ~Some sketch~ :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 0 4 Which are you? by Otakupower01 Which are you? :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 15 33 Image by Otakupower01 Image :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 3 0 BUTLERS!!! by Otakupower01 BUTLERS!!! :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 2 9 Giving up.. by Otakupower01 Giving up.. :iconotakupower01:Otakupower01 13 9


Mint Eye Jumin Han by AgustinaKazuyo Mint Eye Jumin Han :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 100 28
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