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A quick drawing of Shinji and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion taking a bath together, I drew from a pic I found on the net.


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Disclaimer: I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo or even this original concpet.

The respective series are properties of ADV, Hideaki Anno, AIG, Pioneer and Masaki Kajashima. The original concept for this story belongs to deckman on who gave me "unofficial" permission to continue. I had started said continuation a long while ago but didn't like where I was going with it and hit a massive writer's block, prompting me to start over from the beginning and try rewriting it my own way.

"The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth."

"Nobody cares whether or not I exist. Nothing ever changes, so they can all just die."
" Then tell me, what is your heart for?"
" It would be better if I never existed. I should just die, too."
" Then why are you here?"
" I-is it okay for me to be here?"

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I don't want to die..."

" Hey."
" What is it?"
"What are dreams?"
" Dreams?"
"Yes, dreams."

"Why can't I dream that I'm alone?"
" That is not a dream. That is a substitute for reality."
"So where is my dream?"
" It is a continuation of reality."
"But where is my reality."
"It is at the end of your dream."

"Reality exists in a place unknown, and dreams exist within reality. And truth lies in your heart.
The contents of a person's heart shapes their appearance, and new images will change their hearts and their forms. The power of imagination is the ability to create your own future, and the power to create your own flow of time. But if people don't act of their own free will, then nothing will change at all. So, you must regain your own lost form by your own volition, even if it means your words become lost or confused with the words of others.
Anyone can return to human form as long as they are able to imagine themselves within their own heart. Don't worry, all the living creatures have the power to be brought back to life, and the will to go on living."

"Anywhere can be paradise as long as you have the will to live. After all, you are alive, so you will always have the chance to be happy. As long as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth exist, everything will be alright."

"...How disgusting..."

Chapter 1: No Need for Instrumentality

Shinji Ikari laid there for several minutes, crying, by Asuka's side after the red head had gently placed her hand on his cheek as he was straddling her, trying to extinguish her life prior.
"...How disgusting..." Those had been the first words he heard Asuka utter after they had come back from the LCL sea after his abandonment of Instrumentality...

Why those words? Was she... Was she aware somehow of what happened at the hospital prior to hell on earth? If so... I'd be really disgusted too... Does she hate me? Does she care about me at all? Why did she even come back? She would've been with her mother if she stayed in the LCL... Nothing makes any kind of sense at all anymore... Misato... I'm pretty sure she died before I got to Eva... I want to see her again... Apologize for just sitting there... To just see her face again... Touji and Kensuke... I'm pretty sure I saw Ayanami again when I washed up... I saw her when I arrived at Tokyo 3... Was she always watching out for me? Mother... She said that people could come back if they wanted... But look at this... It's a hell scape... Who would want to come back? I... I'm just so tired... Of everything... I need to sleep, for now...

And with that Shinji Ikari would drift off to sleep by the red headed German until she would see fit to disturb him or rouse him, as he slept processing an empty world full of possibility but also full of nothing. Yet he was completely unaware of the larger universe he was a part of or the fact there was human life out there far from the remnants of Tokyo 3; and that there were many more adventures yet to come for him…

It would be several minutes before Asuka would finally stir after the two's first interaction since returning the sea of LCL following the aborted Instrumentality. The former Second Child would slowly and painfully force herself to set up right before stopping to look around at her surroundings. ... Is this all that is left of the world? Is this what I piloted Eva for!? What the hell did I just go through? All I remember was being eaten by the god damned Eva series and being skewered by all their damn fake lances... My one shining moment. I finally found the will to go on after all my failures... Only to be cheated out of it by those damned mass produced knock off Evas! And of course, the spineless wonder here couldn't even bother to show up till the last moment! Just like always... Ugh... The only time he even deigns to have a hormone and he does it while I'm unconscious! He could've had the decency to go and do it in the restroom... But at least he didn't try to cop a feel or molest me.

Why did he come back if he was so miserable? Wouldn't it have been better to stay conjoined like everyone else where he wouldn't be alone or have to worry about feelings? I only came back because... because... because after I finally found my own identity and will to fight and live again; I wasn't going to give it up to be a part of a massive consciousness... And... because as much as he pisses me off at times... It's because on a deeper internal level... The Third Child and I... We're the same... He's the only who really understood me at all...

After returning from her own reverie Asuka and would cautiously lean over to the motionless boy beside and tentatively put her hand on his shoulder shaking him gently and try to get his attention "Shinji! Hey Third Child!" Shinji would lay motionlessly still a sleep and clearly not ready to face reality just yet "HEY! DUMMKOPF! WAKE UP ALREADY!" She finally screamed before grabbing Shinji and turning him to face and shaking him violently. "GAAH! WHA-! A-Asuka!? What is it!?" He screamed, panicked!
"What is it!? You were asleep for a good half an hour! I tried waking you gently, but you were too lost in your little pity party! We... We're going to have head out sooner or later. We can't bum out on this beach forever. We have no shelter, or food. Plus... I just need to talk to you. And I can't do that when you're not conscious..." She finally said, her tone softening a little.
"I... I-I know... I'm sorry, it's just... All of this shit that just happened... It was too much for my head to handle at the moment. I had to... shut down... A-anyway... Wh-what do you wanna t-talk about?" He asked the red head rather nervously.

Mein Gott! Where do I even fucking start...? Asuka thought to herself before turning away for a moment lost in her thoughts... "A LOT. Too much. At least more than can be covered here in a beach before mother nature and human necessities start kicking in... So, let's just start with the first thing that comes to mind... WHY THE HELL WERE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!?" She fired off.
"...!" Shinji just stood there for a moment frozen in fear, his mind clearly on the verge of shutting down again, unable to answer...
Asuka, sensing the other human around besides her was clearly about to break down again caught herself and tried to smooth things over. "Ahem... L-let me try again... Why were you choking me when I woke up?" She asked in a gentler softer voice staring down into the sand.
"... I know... I know you're sick of hearing it from me... But I'm sorry... A-as for why... To be honest... I know this sounds insane... B-but... I wasn't sure if you were... You. That is if it was just someone fucking with my head again, or you were an illusion... Or just... Just... I don't know... I just snapped... There are no excuses for it. I'm... Sorry..." He said turning away from her and burying his face in his hands tears threatening to spill from his eyes once more.

Asuka took that all in for a moment before taking a deep and letting out a heavy exhausted sigh "Normally, I'd kick your ass for that... But there a few things to consider this time. One, I'm tired, missing an eye and only have one good arm. Two. I'm not in any real condition at present to look for shelter or gather food and need you physically capable of doing so we can BOTH survive. And three... Well... To be perfectly honest and fair, we both had our heads pretty fucked up when it's all said and done... If the roles were reversed... I don't know if I would've reacted any different. So, let's move on to an earlier current event... Where the hell were you when I was being attacked!?"
"... I was waiting for the JSDF to kill me before Misato arrived... And when she got to me Unit 01, they had covered it in Bakelite. I couldn't get inside to do anything... Even if I had wanted to. And when I finally got out, I saw you completely eviscerated by those monsters! And that was the last straw! I just didn't have any reason to live after that..." He said sadly, his voice beginning to crack as emotions began to threaten to overwhelm him…

Asuka stood there for a few minutes with a disbelieving look on her face before it finally twisted into an expression of indignation "So you just curled up into a ball and laid there while I was being torn apart!? If you wanted to die so badly you could have at least gotten your ass up topside and fought and died with some dignity, you spineless wimp!" She barked at the wilting Third Child.
"I just told you it was covered in Bakelite! What did you want me to do!? Find some C2 or something and blow it out! I couldn't even get in the plug!" Shinji fired back, surprising Asuka as the redhead backed up a little.
"... So now you grow a pair huh? Better late than never I guess... Alright. Fine. FINE! You couldn't get in... I get it. But you could've tried getting there faster. Maybe if you weren't huddled into a corner and stopped dragging your feet, Misato could've gotten there sooner. Mein Gott, I'm so sick of the way she babies you, Ikari..." Asuka mumbled under her breath as she kicked the sand in frustration.
"I'm sorry... After Kaworu... No, after the fifteenth angel... I wasn't in any place emotionally or mentally fit for being in Eva... I know it doesn't excuse a LOT. But I really have no other explanation... I'm sorry."

"Hmph!" Asuka puffed out clutching her forehead in thought. "Fine, fine, fine. There's something else I want to chew your ass out for, Third Child. But I'm afraid if I bring it up you'll just run away as usual. So, I guess I'll just jump to my last point for now... If you hated living so much... Why did you come back? Wouldn't it be so much easier to be a part of the giant spiritual bowl of Kool-Aid like everyone else? Why did you abort it all?" She asked in a much softer tone, looking towards her companion with a genuinely concerned and inquisitive expression.
"... Be-because... I wanted to see you again... Not just you, but Misato, Touji Kensuke, Class Rep... Everyone... Even... Even my father... Because in this world... Even though its full of pain... And can be hard... The feeling I felt here, were my own real true feelings... There wasn't anything 'real' about Instrumentality... I wanted to... Find my own reason to live. So... That's why I came back..." Shinji finally said as he would stare off into the red LCL sea staring at the giant grotesque decomposing Rei head…

After several moments of silence Shinji would finally turn to his red headed companion before hesitantly asking her, "Wh-what about you, Asuka? Why did you come back? I mean, during Instrumentality and the battle... It sounded like you had found your mother too. Why didn't you stay?"
Asuka stood there silently for a few minutes before finally replying "Because... I finally found my own identity, my will to live and fight. I'm Asuka Langley Soryu, the Second Child. A college grad at fourteen and Eva pilot! But, I can't have my own identity if I'm a part of everyone else too... And besides, no-one should be alone. I know how much that sucks, especially in a hell like this..." She said a little bit quieter at the worst part.
Shinji stood there in stunned silence for a few minutes before finally replying.
"You... You came back f-for me...?"
Upon hearing that Asoka's face would blush into a deep crimson before she would grab a hold of his head and shake it a little bit
"DON'T GO GETTING A SWELLED HEAD THIRD! I-I just meant anyone in general! It's just the humanly decent thing to do alright!" She said before finally releasing his head and looking out to the sea, unable to meet him eye to eye. "Besides... You know... It's not like... It's not like I really REALLY hate you or anything... idiot..." She muttered under her breath.
"...Th-thank you, Asuka..." Shinji thanked the red head before they fell into silence. After several minutes the two would be brought back to reality by the growling of their stomachs.
"I guess we should try... Try finding food now shouldn't we...?" Shinji asked nervously.
"Or at least shelter... Y-yeah... C'mon third. Let's get going..."

And with that, the two last survivors of Earth would head along the ruined beach looking for anything that would provide even halfway decent shelter. Unaware of events that were unfolding light years away that would change their lives in ways neither of them could begin to imagine...

Meanwhile several hundred light years away on the planet of Jurai, the Royal Family was having a very important meeting about what to do about the startling events that had just unfolded over the past several weeks...
"While I always knew Terrans were undeveloped and uncivilized to the rest of the galaxy, I never thought they could be capable of such atrocious acts!" The emperor barked out.
"Not all earthlings are to be held responsible for the acts of a few crazy old men, dear. Many people were merely following orders or trying to survive. Many likely didn't even know about things that were to take place or what their real goal was." First lady Funaho chimed in in an attempt to soothe the emperor's rage.
"Indeed. In fact, if it wasn't for Tsunamis prior warning we wouldn't have been able to get ours or Siena's family out of harm's way when we did." Yosho added from the other side of the room.
"Even then, even with my scientific and technical genius it was a bit of a strain to get ALL of us to safety. A really close call." Washy, the universe's greatest scientific genius interjected into the conversation as she would walk into the room followed by Tenchi and the others.
"Well, the important thing is we're all safe and sound now. And according to Washu's readings, humanity more or less still exists, they're all just made into a collective consciousness in the sea. It's just a matter of them finding the will to continue..." Yosho added. "Though the guilty party should be made to answer if they ever return."

"That's a really BIG if, all things considered; regardless of whether or not they think they would have to face trial." Tenchi Masaki, the future heir to throne of Jurai added. "However, my real concern are the two kids who did decide to come back. I doubt there's really anything in the way of food or shelter in the wasteland that's left from everything." The young Juraian prince finished.
"Yes, Tenchi. You're right, but it likely wouldn't do sending a Juraian battleship. In their current mental and emotional state seeing a spaceship will likely send them into shock." Misaki the other first wife of the Juraian royal family stated.
"No problem I'll just grab Ryo-Ohki and - UGH!?" The cyan haired woman named Ryoko said before being floored by an invisible force field.

"RYO OHKI'S A SPACESHIP TOO! Besides, this requires a certain level of delicacy and we all know that's not the first word that comes to people's mind regarding you Ryoko!" The diminutive crab haired scientist reprimanded her daughter. "I can whip a portal that will take us directly to that beach. Well need to bring some food and possibly some medical equipment. Tenchi should be the one to meet them, and I know you're not gonna like it but I think Noike should be the only other one as I think they'll have the easiest time keeping them calm and -"
"FORGET IT WASHU!" "I CAN BE TACTFUL! IM A PRINCESS OF JURAI AFTER ALL!" "THAT'S NOT FAIR WASHU!" Ayeka, Ryoko, and Mihoshi interjected all at once.
Washu screamed out silencing the trio.

"Ahem. Besides... Noike's a nurse. So out of all us besides myself, who has to keep an eye on the monitor, she's the most qualified to see the injured girl. She's also the most level headed when not dealing with Mihoshi. So that's that!" She finished clearing her throat.
Tenchi smiled and sweat dropped at the antics of the women of his household. "Don't worry, Washu. We'll be down there and take care of them and back in no time, right Noike?"
"Right. Just leave it to us." Noike incurred before the two took the gurney and supplies and headed into the portal headed towards what was left of Post Third Impact Earth…

After several minutes of searching and scavenging, Shinji and Asuka had managed to find a ruined convenient store that had surprisingly or unsurprisingly managed to have a box of Twinkies that survived the Third Impact, as well as fairly surprisingly a couple of bentos that seemed safe for human consumption. They had also found an old abandoned apartment complex that Shinji himself could vouch was only slightly better than Reis old living quarters... But, shelter was shelter and they were in position or condition to complain. They found an old gas stove and after fidgeting with the controls a little Shinji was surprisingly able to get a flame going. "Huh. Asuka! The stove still works somehow! Just hang on a few minutes and I'll have these bentos edible for us, okay!?" He cried out to his companion.
"Y-Yeah!... S-sure..." The red head halfheartedly replied. Bentos and Twinkies... Far from what I'm used to idiot fixing, but beggars can't hardly be choosers now can they? The Second Child thought to herself before Shinji would eventually have the bentos ready to eat.
"H-here... I know it's not anywhere near what I usually have for us but..."
"Shinji..." Asuka interjected.
"It's the end of the world. We should be thankful and lucky we have anything." She admonished the raven-haired pilot.
"Y-yeah... You're right... Sorry."
The Second Child sighed exasperatedly at his apologize.
"I-I've seriously got to get you to stop apologizing for everything! Anyways... Can you put some water on the stove? I... I really need to take a bath..." She muttered under her breath.

Shinji stood there dumbstruck blinking at her for a few moments before finally responding "A-Asuka... I-I don't mind heating up some water, but all you have now is your plug suit... I-I know you're not going to go around naked. I mean we could go look for clothes, if you want. B-but I have a feeling you're going to want to hold off on a bath until after we get something for you to change into..." Shinji said looking away blushing.
The Second Child would blush furiously before slamming her fists down on the table and looking away embarrassed "S-SHUT UP ALRIGHT! JESUS, GIMME A BREAK STUPID SHINJI! I mean... I just came back from the primordial soup, okay? I'm obviously not thinking clearly... B-but fine! L-lets go see if we can't something for both of us to wear. Because Gott knows your school uniform has to reek right now too..." She said as Shinji let out a small tired frustrated sigh before opening the door for his friend and following her out the building...

As the two teenaged pilots would make their way out of the condemned apartment building they called their shelter they would be greeted by a low buzzing sound, almost like muffled engine of a lawn mower, before being presented with a black inky oval portal materializing several feet in front of them. Out from within the portal two people would step through with what looked like a gurney and some medical equipment. One looked to be young man, Japanese by all appearances, only a few years older than themselves. He had short black hair tied into a loose pony tail and wore a sort of brown jumpsuit. The other was a young woman, who appeared to be in her twenties at least, but probably not quite as old as Misato. She had short blue hair in what could be best described as a "boy cut" with greyish blue eyes. She was wearing beige khakis and what looked like a white button up work shirt.

Asuka would show an unusual display of fear as she would get back behind Shinji at the arrival of the new strange people. "Shinji! You're the MAN here! It's your job to defend me!" She whispered to her companion as she would use him as a shield. "Aren't YOU the better fighter here, miss Military training!" "NOT WHEN I'M ALL BANDAGED-UP IDIOT!" she shouted before she would shove Shinji towards the strange new people, causing Tenchi to sweat drop a little.

"Don't be afraid… I… I know how we appeared is… strange, to say the least. But I assure we ARE human, and we're not here to hurt you, okay?" Tenchi said holding out his hands in a peaceful gesture. "That's right, we were just checking out the area and you two were the first signs of human life we picked up."

"Who are you two? You look human, but… All other humans besides us are… are still lost in the LCL sea… Did you come back from Instrumentality? Have you seen anyone else? Another woman in her thirties with raven colored hair and a red military uniform? " Shinji asked confused and anxious, hoping to find even the smallest sign of his former guardian.

UGH! TYPICAL TYPICAL SHINJI! Not two minutes of finding other people and his mind is already on Misato! At least he didn't ask for Wondergirl… Asuka thought to herself with a grimace on her face.

"N-No! No. I'm sorry. We didn't… come back, at least not the way you mean it… It's kind of hard to explain. But please believe us when we tell you we just want to help you two. Your friend over there. She looks pretty bad. We have some real shelter and medical equipment that can help fix her up. Please. Just trust us for now, okay? I swear we won't hurt you okay." Tenchi said as he held out his hand to the Third Child to accept.

Shinji would back over to Asuka seeking her thoughts on the matter. She would look around their environment with a grim expression before looking back to Shinji and the two newcomers uncertainly before sighing in resignation "I don't like it… But… I really can't see as to how we have any other better options… Shinji. I'm counting on you if anyone tries anything… okay?"

"Don't worry. My family just wants to help. We won't do anything to you without explicit permission, okay?" Noike said as she would place a gentle assuring hand on Shinji's shoulder which would momentarily make the young pilot think back to his old CO and guardian Misato Katsuragi. "Okay. C'mon Asuka…" Shinji would implore his colleague as he would try to gently assist her onto the gurney. With that the four people would step through the strange starry portal and after a few moments they would find themselves in a country side, that was surprisingly untouched by the effects of Third Impact with a large spacious country home. "Welcome… to Okayama, home sweet home~" Tenchi would greet the two.

Eva Muyo
Eva Muyo, an Evangelion+Tenchi Muyo crossover fic
Hey all, I am looking to start up one or two new fan fiction projects up on FF.Net One is a series of spin off side stories based on Mercabas The Gift and another is a series of stories revolving around Shinjis children from one of his other stories. I have a poll set up on my profile with choices for the stories so if any one on here is familiar with him or his stories and might be interested, please send me a message on here and or visit my profile to vote in the poll. Thanks and keep being deviant! :D

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