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pan's labyrinth stamp

pan's labyrinth stamp
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LOVED that movie~!
TheBabblingBrookNook's avatar
<3 i watched it when i was like 9 and i loved it xD and i still love it til this day xD thank you for making this
blob-du-chaos's avatar
This movie sure deserves a stamp !
EmilytheNeko's avatar
ProofrockPilchard's avatar
Such a wonderful film it is.
Warrayfinson's avatar
Love this move, thanks for making this stamp :D :+fav:
VampirePrincessOwO's avatar
Personally, I love this movie. Its so grotesque that its beautiful. Pan has to be my favorite character. Thank you for letting us veiw this stamp.
unmerwe's avatar
one of my all time favorite movies!!!!!:heart: great stamp! Thanks for sharing it!!!:)
x-yeva's avatar
I can't use it ='(..But i +fav it ,i love this film ^^!
The-one-who-listens's avatar
That's a really good movie :)

And the monster scared the heck outta me, really imaginatively done.
MaRina731's avatar
An other kind of fantasy film, indeed.

corrasion's avatar
I love this movie! using, thanks! :D
voltafiish's avatar
I love that movie. ;-; Just watched it today.
Silently-beyond-hope's avatar
This is one of my favourite movies, it is so beautiful. I am going to use this in my journal if thats alright :)
KoolAidDude's avatar
i just finished watching that movie <3

i luv pale man! lul! hes awsumer than pudding!! 8DD
TheLadyPegasus's avatar
Yeah, I'd like to use this one, if you don't mind.
marshmellowbrains's avatar
That movie was the best! ^^
otakulottie's avatar
RavenBlakh's avatar
I'm using this in my journal if thats ok?

I watched this a few weeks ago and LOVED it its such a good film! :heart:
otakulottie's avatar
sure use any ^^
gusar's avatar
I was wondering, is it a spanish movie?
otakulottie's avatar
yeah it is but you can find it subbed it a lot of languages and i believe it is being dubbed in english and released at cinemas
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