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autistic not retarded stamp

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ONLY for those with forms of Autism

I HATE that just because i have a form of Autism, people talk to me like i am retarded -_-

bad mood............rrrrrrrr.......
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HarrystylesisallmineStudent Filmographer
Thank you!
MASTUHOSCG8845ISCOOLStudent General Artist
Can I please download it?
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:iconodinsfootprint: you are so full of shit, constantly calling me the R word when I’m autistic 
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I mean... Calling someone out for it in a comment section is kind of retarded.
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He’s so full of shit
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I am autistic. High functioning autism that is. I'm also highly offended by the use of the "R" word by anyone. 
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BisexualArtistRowenStudent General Artist
SAME! They either treat you like you are an annoyance or they try to baby you! 
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I hecking hate when people try to baby me when i'm confused about something.
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BisexualArtistRowenStudent General Artist
Same! I also get people who treat me worse when I tell them I am autistic.
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i have autism and i hate the way we are made out to be on tv...
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CH1996ARTHobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutely agree with you. Since because someone has autism that doesn't mean they're retards. I remember when I was in high school when one of the students calls me a "fuckin retard"! I was babied quite as much by some teachers, but every time that happens, I get pissed off a lot and tell them not to talk that way. I sometimes wish (or more often or whatnot) that those people are dead for good! Come to think of it, I wish we had our own universe where there is only one person (or living creature for that matter) in each universe and no one else. It'll be like heaven if one of us were the last living beings on earth.
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sugarangelkittenHobbyist Digital Artist
T h a n k y o u.
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LunaBruceYTHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have autism.
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motherfan142Student General Artist
i have aspbergers and people think i'm as worse as hitler himself
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LunarLeaf100Student General Artist
T h a n k y o u !
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MamaAvriHobbyist Digital Artist
People are ignorant.
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jackwabitHobbyist Writer
It's REALLY hard to tell tho
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not really! that's just ignorant thinking. :)
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jackwabitHobbyist Writer
You clearly didn't have to get sandwiched between two of them in school
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Yep! And 4 people in the family have it (two are twins haha!) and I date a person with autism. I love all of them dearly.
But I guess that isn't "clearly" obvious, as you only know me from one comment. ;)
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BisexualArtistRowenStudent General Artist
I am sure as fuck smarter than your stupid ass immature self. Must be nice still living with mommy. Loser
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jackwabitHobbyist Writer
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