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Rock and Rule - Omar the fox

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For some odd reason the strange and obscure 1983 Canadian film "Rock and Rule" caught my eye one day. Rock and rule was the very first adult-cartoon movie created by Nelvana, the creators of "Care bears" and "The Devil and Daniel Mouse". The film Rock and Rule pretty much flunked "Box office" terribly and it almost made Nelvana lose production or.......something, IDK🤔.  But if I were to be honest, even though the film failed box office and that the storyline sucked. The songs in "Rock and rule" to me are amazing and so well done!! The last scene of the movie where both Angel and Omar singing is truly a masterpiece with the super-cool singing talents of Debbie Harry and Robin Zander. Despite the bad setbacks of the film I really enjoyed the music scenes very, very much. Anyway I thought it would be fun and creative to draw the main characters Omar and Angel into their true furry animal forms or what they could've looked like in the move. So here's Omar as a Red fox kitty ladies and doggy gents.Maneki neko  Kawaii fox - original version Red Fox Friend's 3 

Omar/Rock and Rule © Nelvana
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Love it!! And i see him more as a tsundere than a jerk cause even though he kept saying he wouldn't help, he always went with regardless, and that was to make sure Angel was okay out of love.

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Omar's Character development may be bad. But even if he was a jerk in the movie, he's still pretty fun to draw with.Rock and rule Omar