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Likulau Gyenta

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I don't know why I suddenly drew Likulau from Nekojishi teaming up with alternate ninja Gwen (Gyenta). Maybe Yan-shuchi Senpai snuck into my room last night playing around with my tablet and made something like this!! The world may never know.😳😳😳🤥😳

Note: This art has no intention of doing things that are considered inappropriate, sexual, disgusting, or
perverted in any way shape or form.  I don't claim ownership on the cartoon series Ben 10, nor do I
have ownership on the furry video game "Nekojishi" and "Nekojishi, Lin and Partners". Both the "Studio Klondike"
game and the "Cartoon Network" television series belong to there respective owners and creators.
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As much as how I love the super cool mythical cat characters from the game "Nekojishi" from Studio Klondike, I just sometimes wish that they could be more than just a silly romance or something.😣😓😔 But i'm not in any position to judge however. Lin-hu, Likulau, and Yan Shu-Chi are still fun and exciting to draw with, Just not in matters that are...."ahem*....worth questioning or up for a peaceful middle-ground debate.🤔 Please forgive me for sounding like some hypocritical conservative or anything.😖😖😖

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I still love those three big cats anyway!!Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) Alphys Duo Icon