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OC: D-Vile Mazeheart

By OtakueaterD
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(Drawn by Jim32-Hq32oL )

D-Vile Mazeheart


Devon A.D. Richards

Ryokai Jinxkynzai


Phantom Rose


The Demon

Vicenzo Nonsense



De/DV/Vile/Devil/New Devil/The Demon

King of Doujin/Demon Doujin/Deadly Doujin/Demon Doujin King

King of flames/King’s Flame

A Demon from a new world

The New Prince Of Carnage

The Drunken Demon

Unwanted Hero

Lewd Monster

Crownless King

The Archdevil Of Perversion

Incubus Playboy




African American

Incubus Demon King (Sex Demon Lord)

Sexual Orientation:

Heterosexuality and Polyamory (The most frequent running gag about D-Vile's character is that of a extremely lecherous breeder. He constantly seeks a "Mokkori Chance". When not working, he can often be found hitting on random young women on the streets of Old Dumpling Town. He also has interests include Nanpa, Doujinshi, erotic books and adult videos.)

Look of age:


Actual age:

114 (Thanks to the fact that he devoured all the souls of his past selves so there is no call it evidence that he existed outside of this universe he is in.)


January 27, 1995


June 11, 2019


January, 27, 1995XX


January 1, 2019XX

Type of character:

Chaotic neutral


Sadist Buddhist


Social Class:

Lower Class

Current Location:

Forest of Blue Ash (Demon Realm)


Trader Town, New York (Human Realm)

Favorite Location:

Dumpling Village (Demon Realm)



Ronin (A ninja or samurai without a master or any allied clan.)


Alcohol Brewer

Taste tester (alcohol, Food, Weed and Drugs)


Underground fighter

Freelance worker






Romanian French


Brown with dark brown stripes and many scars


White Afro Mohawk with black roots and tips plus a white braided Chinese ponytail dread.


The Satyr pupils are yellowish orange and the sclera is black

The Blackbeard eyes in his ponytail have red pupils and the sclera is black.






Slim and athletically buff


His dark brown stripes on his body

Stitches and scars

A stomach and back markings as they both look like tattoos but they actually hold properties that allows him to have the powers that he holds.

He holds the mark of the King’s Flame.










Spice of life




Theme Song:

Royal Deluxe - Savages

Willyecho - Monster

Nickelback - How you remind me

Bush - mouth:

Slipknot - The Devil In I:

Onlap - Fight like the Devil:



Nata Wrongside


Al Richards

Aban Salad (Step Dad)



Demetrious Cunning


Yinmin Salad



The 10 blackbeards (He considers all of them his children.)


Alphonse The Bridge Hellhound (usually disguised as a pug puppy, his powers are Regeneration and Power Absorption.)

P.X. The Nomori chameleon (Usually disguised as any kind of snake or a lizard, her powers are Advanced Speed and Advanced Reflexes, Curse Inducement.)

[Love Interest\Crush]

Ahlye (Extreme love interest)

Helena (Tsundere Queen/Baby mother)

Shin (X-Love Interest)

Laila (Crush)


Paige the mage

Lord Adam

Angelic Knights


The 5 elements (Past and Present)

Evil itself

The corrupted/ The psychopaths

Lord John

The Priest


Evil monks


The Resistance (A group of different species that are trying to take down The royals that don't care about anyone but their own power.)

Moral Alignment:

Chaotic Neutral

Personality Type:

Turbulent Advocate


over-the-top, flamboyant, and outspoken, Lewd, vulgar, conceited, brave and headstrong, unhinged, extremely handsome, beautiful, muscular, smooth, charming, lovely, charismatic, hypnotic, irresistible, overpowering, desirable, witty and fully aware of it, D-Vile carries himself with an air of supreme confidence, charisma, and egotism. D-vile is fearless and headstrong, though he is somewhat less perverse and a man of taste plus seen as a womaniser. He is largely driven by his desire for companionship and sexual appetite thanks to his strong libido….but he’s nobody trap horse in the sack. He likewise takes the time to be delicate and fulfill the ladies he vanquishes all throughout his journey. He’s the perfect woman’s man and he’s conceivably the richest of his kind, potentially. D-Vile has shown to only view his execution work as a simple job, and doesn't question the details too much. He remains cocky and confident even when his life is in danger. He also has a flair for showing off and making dramatic decisions, such as exiting by jumping through the stained glass windows of the Casino. While D-Vile displays crude, punkish and immature behavior, and is especially cruel toward the male assassins he fights, he displays normal and decent behavior whenever he isn't on the job. Travis is relatively calm about killing people, and has been shown to be sexually stimulated by it after killing Lord Adam. In his starting days, killing women made him feel uncomfortable, Until Shinxy showed him that it didn't matter if the person was male or female that he shouldn't hold back against either. D-Vile is capable of being touched by people's emotional and personal experiences, also has a certain amount of honor and respect for people he believes to be "true warriors".

D-Vile is very driven to prove himself, he’s shown to be highly intelligent and a quick learner, and can be surprisingly poetic. He takes his friendships very seriously as well. He is not very talkative (unless he knows you on a personal level), but he is courageous and wise in taking actions and also has a strong sense of justice. He has a free heart; despite his social standing and how others view him, he never stops choosing his own path.

D-Vile is an easygoing and cheerful person who gives away smiles like confetti at a parade. He is kind-hearted to a fault and is extremely protective of people he cares for, though despite his friendly attitude he seems to keep most people at an arm's length when it comes to his personal issues. While he has a fairly laid-back attitude, he takes things seriously when it's important and gets the job he's required to do done. D-Vile does tend to tease people a lot, and has a naturally mischievous attitude. He occasionally speaks seriously out of irritation or when someone isn't able to understand that he is not in the mood. Above all, however, he seems to be the most alive on the battlefield, he often is seen smiling while in combat; hinting a sadistic side which compliments his thrill for blood. Moreover, he tends to toy with opponents that are weaker than himself before finishing them off remorselessly. To actually enraged D-Vile and when this happens, he immediately (and sadistically) unleashes his full, ruthless, terrifying hell-fired fury on the one responsible, all with a terrifyingly vicious smile on his face. D-Vile can be sympathetic to other people, but his demonic persona often threatens to take over and harm them. He tries to ignore it until someone angers him or raises his blood pressure, causing him to physically snap in a usually violent manner. He is ruthless, bloodthirsty individual who is even willing to kill their own comrades once they lose interest in them.

[Likes <3]

Doujinshi, Food, clubs, bars, booze, Mango, Fruits and vegetables, farming, gardening, making alcohol, making friends, women, the night life, weed, drugs, competition, training, anime, Sex, Doing great deeds, having wild adventures, manga, blade weaponry, video games,Tea, Visual novels, poetry, meeting new people and traveling.

[Dislikes </3]

Working with double standards, authority, losing, fighting for no reason and causing problems for those around him, creepy dolls with human faces, BL (Boys love) , trans, people that eat his food, hospitals, heights, quacks (Nuts or assholes), his cannibal nature, his past, PEOPLE WHO STAND IN HIS WAY AND TAKES HIS THINGS.



Being alone

Becoming a slave again

Killing the ones that he cares about.

Being around dolls with human faces and Child’s play movies.

Seeing his family get hurt

finding out that extremely hot woman is actually a man.



Going within madness

Being erased


Hurting good people

The thought of Doomsday

Watching the death of a friend or loved ones

[Stats (between 1 and 10)]



















Self Esteem











King's Flame (User can create flames that can grant Semi-Immortality or be used for Mass Resurrection. They can generate extremely hot flames able to incinerate stone into dust. They can heal the wounded, the dying and those who have been put under evil spells.)

Martial Arts Intuition (The user can intuitively understand all martial arts, utilising them like they've trained in them for years.)

Combat Empowerment (Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come in contact with battle/fight, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the fighting or even slow or stop aging.)

Spiritual Flame Manipulation

Demonic Light Manipulation

Shadow Dark Fire Manipulation

Demonic Light Generation

Demonic Energy Generation

White Fire Manipulation

Electric Purple Fire Manipulation

Limitation Inducement

Spiritual Blade Construction

Absolute Unarmed Combat

Dual wielding

Anatomy Constructs

Stance-Based Combat

Bodily Attribute Augmentation

Muscle Tension Refinement

Dermal Armor

Enhanced Bite

Aura Reading

Piercing Charge

Attack Mixture

Natural Weaponry

Supernatural Thievery

Arcing Blasts

Life Force Release

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Hearing

Enhanced Smell

Enhanced Roar

Claw Retraction


Left-hand path (Dark Arts)

Enhanced Stamina

Supernatural Strength

Musical Animation

Music Empowerment

Clothing Empowerment

Speed Strike

Energy Bullet Projection

Anger Empowerment

Battlefield Adaption

State of Mind

Feral Mind

Escape Artistry

Matter Ingestion


Fire Manipulation

Nuclear Fire Generation

Hell-Fire Manipulation

Green Fire Generation

Fire Generation

X-Ray Vision

Chi Manipulation

Dark Chi Manipulation

Pure Chi/Ki Control

H-Chi Control


Haemokinetic Constructs

Music Manipulation

Charm Mode

Clear Mind

Life Force Release

Enhanced Fighter Physiology

Sheep magic

Flame aura


One-Man Army

Killing Instinct

Killing Intent

Ninpo Magic

The Will of fire

Energy Spike Projection

Energy Cutting

Spatial Slicing

Yokai Manipulation

Sound Wave Generation

Visual Memory Reading

Fire Spike Projection

Gluttony Embodiment

Environmental Adaptation

Enhanced Speed

Expanded View


Predator Instinct


Flash step

Super Eating

Muscle Mass Enhancement

Dagger Proficiency

Manifested Attacks

Enhanced Leap

Enhanced Body

Teleportation Slash

Sealing Slash

Non-Corporeal Slicing

Slash Effect

Entertainment Materialization

Horn Protrusion

Dimensional Slicing (It takes three months to do a single slice.)

Enhanced Climbing

Enhanced Crafting

Enhanced Condition

Culinary Intuition

Enhanced Crafting


Supernatural Body

Remote Triggering

Consumption Healing

Consumption Empowerment

Cannibalism Empowerment

Accelerating Regeneration

Death by Sex

Dream Imprisonment

Dream Walking

Sleep Inducement

Pyrokinetic Claws

Supernatural Stealth

Peak Human Mind

Soul Reading

Sheep magic

Supernatural Detection

Spiritual awareness

Aura Reading

Ki Sense

Soul Shield

Magma Weaponry

Fire Immunity

Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition

Contaminant Immunity

Disease Immunity

Enhanced/Supernatural Combat

Enhanced/Supernatural Durability

Enhanced/Supernatural Endurance

Enhanced/Supernatural Senses

Environmental Adaptation

Fear Inducement

Matter Ingestion

Infinite Digestive System

Natural Weaponry

Illusion Manipulation

Enhanced Dexterity or Supernatural Dexterity

Enhanced Durability or Supernatural Durability

Enhanced Strength or Supernatural Strength

Enslavement Kiss


Life-Force Absorption

Malleable Anatomy/Shapeshifting

Mental Inducement/Manipulation

Desire Inducement

Charmspeaking / vocal charisma

Natural Weaponry

Claw Retraction

Enhanced Bite

Prehensile Tail

Demonic Force Manipulation

Angelic Force Manipulation

Supernatural Beauty

Enhanced Cuteness

Age Shifting

Super Eater

Supernatural Body

Consumption Healing

Consumption Empowerment

Cannibalism Empowerment

Sexual Combat Specialist

Sex Specialist

H-Chi / Hentai Chi (Lust Empowerment, Sex Empowerment, Perversion Empowerment)

Alcohol Empowerment

Breaker Touch (only breaks on biological things like clothes.)

Combination Attacks

Critical Impact

Chi Combat

Ability Imprinting

Food Augmentation

Supernatural swordsmanship

Supernatural Agility

Food Augmentation

Limb Expansion

Venomous Tongue

Soul Shield

Nail Bullet Projection

Venomous Claws

Elemental Flame Generation

Psychic Flame Manipulation

Enhanced Clawmanship

Enhanced Gunmanship

Enhanced Bite

Supernatural Assassination

Enhanced Combat

Claw Retraction

Combined Breath

Shadow Camouflage

Haemopotent Regeneration

Elemental Metabolization

Elemental Absorption

Elemental Breath

Prehensile Tongue

Peak Human Regeneration

Peak Human Condition

Strength Absorption

Supernatural Thievery

Spiritual Flame Blade Construction

Pyrokinetic Blade Construction

Hell-Fire Attacks

Sleep Combat

Thoughtless Activity

Combination Attacks

Organic Blade Construction

Aerokinetic Creature Creation

Blue Fire Generation

Blue Fire Breath

Hell-Fire Ball Projection

Hell-Fire Breath

Hell-Fire Combat

Hell-Fire Constructs

Hell-Fire Infusion

Flammable Blood

Pyrokinetic Constructs

Pyrokinetic Blade Construction

Hell-Fire Blade Construction

Cloth Removal

Hell-Fire Weaponry

Demonic Artillery

Demonic Magic

Demonic Symbiosis

Fire Absorption

Pressure Strike

Prehensile Tail

Soul Mutilation

Violence Embodiment


Ultimate Burning

Napalm Artillery

Metal-Shadow Breath

Demonic Infusion

Fire Infusion

Strength Absorption

Pure Heart

Reality Anchoring

Power Legs

Inextinguishable Fire

Blade Construction

Blade Projection

Megaton Kick

Pulse Strike


Automatic Defense

Demonic Cutting

Divine Cutting

Elemental Cutting

Life-Force Cutting

Fire Defense

Ergokinetic Claws

Slash Projection

Razor Wind

Absolute Slicing

Absolute Burning

Cutting Wave

Elemental Cutting

Sliding Dash

Soul Energy Generation

Soul Channeling

Emotion Aura

Demonic Aura

Flame Aura

Spiritual Aura

Angelic Aura

Bloodlust Aura

Strong Soul

Flame Soul

Demon Soul

Prehensile Blood

Blood Cutting

Organic Cutting

Organic Constructs

Ignition Slash

Holy Fire Manipulation

Blood Consumption

Blood Empowerment

Smoke Imprisonment

Shadow flame Breath

Blood Flow Vision

Weapon Calling

Night Vision

Liquid Fire Manipulation


Claw Extension

Spiritual Telekinesis

Destruction Magic

Fire Transformation

Fire Bullet Projection

Flame Solidification

Firewall Generation

Energy Conversion

Fire Empowerment

Volatile Constructs

Power Weaponry

Exploding Clones

Chain Detonation

Absorption Slash

Sonic Cutter

Sword Beam Emission

Death Touch (Only works if he touches the target that he knows the name of.)

Explosion Touch

Defense Break

Fire Negation

Blade Construction


Fire blast

Flammable Bodily Fluids

Blood Property Manipulation

Attack Reversal

Blood Creature Creation

Blood Solidification

Blood Clotting

Blood Manipulation

Electric-Fire Manipulation

Electric Flame Aura

Combustion Inducement

Artillery Proficiency

Gun Protrusion

Ranged Weapon Proficiency

Melee Weapon Proficiency

Dual Wielding

Whip Sword Proficiency

Fire Embodiment

Enhanced Whipmanship

Enhanced Flailmanship

Enhanced Axemanship

Heat Empowerment


Fire Bolt Projection

Expanding Fire Bolts

Heat Bolt Projection

Quill Projection

Bone Spike Protrusion

Fang Retraction

Feather Projection

Pressure points

Ergokinetic Blade Construction

Pyrokinetic Wing Manifestation

Haemokinetic Wing Manifestation

Inorganic Bomb Generation

Fire Bomb Generation

Dark Fire Bomb Generation

Soul Energy Constructs

Spiritual Force Manipulation

Life-Force Conversion

Haemokinetic Wing Manifestation


Fire - Deo The Hell Lion


Attack Potency - 6-A: Continent 760 Teratons

to 4.435 Petatons

Attack Potency - High 7-A: Large Mountain level (Characters who can destroy a large mountain, or those who can easily harm characters with large mountain level durability.)

Durability - Large Country level

Speed - Subsonic (Faster than the Eye) (Mach 0.1-0.5) (34.3-171.5 m/s or 76.7-383.6 mph) and Subsonic+ (34.3-171.5 m/s or 76.7-383.6 mph) plus Speed of Light

Strength - Large Mountain Class to Country Class to ???

Lifting Strength - Superhuman: ? (Any level above peak human that is for the most part unknown)

Durability - City level to Large Country level and Small Planet level

Range - Tens of kilometers: 10 - 100 km

Intelligence - Above Average: Characters that show greater cognitive ability than the norm, but do not particularly stand out in any intellectual or academic fields.


Killer Viper / Red Cobra (A Hand Forged Black Folded Steel Sawtooth Blade Samurai Ninja Serpent Sword, which D-Vile forged with his own blood and sweat but most importantly the devil’s blood…. D-Vile used the teeth of a dragon that had died from the hands of a hunter plus the blood of Lucifer to make this weapon. He is able to call forth this weapon and it would go towards here's location. The sword itself is close to a high frequency blade. When it gets enough demonic energy or angelic energy it turns into a long red Chinese meat cleaver with teeth in the form of a sword. There is even a hidden tanto dagger.)

Kanabo (This Kanabo is not like any ordinary Kanabo aka Oni Club, it takes the blood of its victims so the next time it is used the swing hurts a lot more than the last time. It goes from lumpy to spiky.)

Demonic Ninja and samurai tools

Lucky Dagger (D-Vile always carries around his stepfather's dagger as if it is protecting him from any form of threat.)

Trap Shamisen (One of his earrings are able to turn into a Shamisen that is actually a Yari. Unlike others this particular Yari has three blades and able to extend plus shoot out with a chain.)

Chain Whip Belt (D-Vile’s handcuff belt may look innocent on the outside but on the other side it is truly dangerous when used the demonic blades that would come out when used like a whip or a slinky when stretched.)

Iron Drinking Gourd (This drinking gourd is strong as an iron staff and is hard to lift if you are not skilled in using heavy objects. This gourd is also able to turn any liquid that goes into it turns to blossom white wine which is rare to get and also rare to obtain. It is also able to be a deadly poison if you use the right way with certain foods or drinks.)

Dark Rose (A black magic staff that looks like a scythe D-Vile equipped after visiting his friend who was the queen of a royal palace. D-Vile can mentally command it to transform into a blade, after which the staff opens up in the middle like a pair of scissors, with the left and right sides forming a blade with a gap in the middle that has purple lightning running through it, that shapes into a plasma blade made of light. After it is transformed into a sword, it is called Phantom's Sabre.)

Asura's Mask (At first it looks like a masquerade mask but turns into a demon's mask more and more with dark energy. The more the mask gets energy, the crazier the wearer becomes. Only love can take it off.)

Hellfire Shotgun

Heat-seeking chopsticks

His tail (his tail might look normal but it's actually a monster tail that can extend itself or d attach itself to its host to devour or eat their victims.)

Grenades (he has flash grenades, needle grenades, smokescreen Grenades, and poison grenades.)



Piercing bombs

Bear trap

Elephant trap

Mouse trap

Assassination gear

Army gear

Piano wire

Chi blade

Chainsaw Katana

Chainsaw Brass Knuckles

Chainsaw Dagger

Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

Hutton Sabre

large titanium alloy chain with a large gutting hook connected at the end.

Sealing Chains

The D.O.S (The D.O.S. is a beam katana constructed by an infamous Japanese hitman, and one of the more dangerous models to use. The blade of the D.O.S. activates the instant its handle is removed from its scabbard, and the beam katana features no off switch in its design. This makes the process of refitting the blade into the scabbard extremely difficult, as well as unsafe. The D.O.S. bares a resemblance to a shirasaya, a plain Japanese blade mount.)

Double Knife boots

Semi-Auto Rifle

Submachine Gun

Reaper Revolver


Throwing axes


Pen gun


Metal Spike

Knife gun




Fuuma Shuriken

Chain and Sickle Saber

Twin kama scythe

Reaper Scythe

Twin Tonfa Busters

A Halo's Bow

Elemental shield

Soul blade/Ki Blade/ Chi Blade

TitaniumChains used as brass knuckles

Playing Card (His playing cards have a dash of strong gunpowder.)

Inner body weapons (his body was modified to shoot bullets from his arms,legs, and even his mouth, plus he has needles above his gums that are mini explosives but a few are poisons or even a tranquilizer.)

Bone saw blade

Large baseball bat

Ninja Blowgun Flute

Monster killing kit

Planet killing kit

Buddhist chi beads

Cigars (he has weed cigars for healing, power ups, hallucinations, explosions, poisoning, and paralyzing.)

Fighting Style(s):

Shibō Fu (This fighting style is a mixer of Close corners combat, long distance Combat, weapon combat, melee combat, defense combat, and stealth combat. He uses Bartitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Deadly Lucha libre, Mian Chuan, Ansatsuken,Savate for hand to hand combat. Uses Breakdance Taekwondo, Drunken Monkey Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, Jeet Kune Do, White lotus, and The Wheel attack style for defense combat. Gun Kata for a melee combat. Finally uses Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Kendo, Fencing, and Mugai ryu for blade combat. Ninjutsu for Stealth combat. With all these fighting styles put together it's hard to figure out what the user is thinking and what he or she is going to do next.)

Asexual style barrier (When no sexual desires in mind or body, D-Vile will end up being able to use defense at all times showing lack of emotion in the state.)





Meeting new people (mainly ladies)






In the very beginning, Buta was an excited kid wanting to be a fireman or a cop or like a chief like his dad but one night he was sent away at the age of 7 to a different world…..he thought it was all a dream but couldn't remember it all….

Buta was a shut-in named Devo Richards, who gave up on meeting people after finding out that his childhood friend was getting married and was pregnant with a guy that looks like him…. He wanted to give up on life altogether besides being able to play video games and watch anime while reading manga at the same time while training in the ways of martial arts all by himself by watching CDs and VHS tapes until the tapes wore out or the ring of death became too great. One day, he was signing up for a job when an adventure rpg popped up so instead of taking responsibility and getting a job since his dad wanted him to get back out there and see a big horizon for him before he gets evicted…...The moment he clicked on the link, everything went black but when he woke up in a forest with he only boar ears, cool cat eyes plus sharp teeth with a pig tail, he also was given a tail but most importantly his body had been altered. When Buta woke up he was in a cell, he was put into slavery and luckily survived all the abuse that month just to save himself and his Fellow monsters that had lives just like any human and also there were other demons. That had to watch their own children to be taken away and put in two carts that would lead them out just like any person. There was also demons that had to watch their own children to be taken away and put into carts that would lead them to slavery. Buta got them out by using his intelligence from the video games that he has played and plan was for proof which had a lot of wondering how it was possible? When all of them were out, they told him “You're different from us monsters.” which lead to Buta telling them he was a monster from another world so they ended up giving him a map so he could head towards one of the villages and some coins that were silver the same size as a roll of tape since the currency was much different in this world. Buta didn't know this but he was thankful anyway and started towards his journey and hopefully will find answers on to how he will be able to return back….. But for the meantime he's hoping to learn the strength that is given to him and hopefully find what he has been looking for…. Rumor has it, Buta is learning his way to survive in the reptile's jungle, where he trained to hone his skills with the help of Paige the Mage. Sadly after all the training that he did for 6 months with traveling and survival, Buta accidentally offended a witch which caused a problem because she was small and looked as if she was a loli witch who was so adorable he couldn't help himself but hugged her as she didn't take that so kindly and decided to turn him into a Shota to get back at him which he was not too happy about but she didn't care as she wanted him to feel what she feels….. But as the months went by here soon realize that this is not the first time he has been to this world as this is the second time he has come to a fantasy world which truly angered him because paige the mage was the cause of this considering him The one that can stop all of this from happening since all the mages are gone, he is the only one that can stop the wars especially since every single time he tries to go back to his world there continuously becomes a problem….. war breaks out and A new king is crowned….. it's his job to help this realm get its life in order and even when going to different worlds problems follow him with his battle against evil….but the biggest truth that he has to face is the fact that his world collided with this one which mixed between both worlds and everything that had happened in the beginning was within a dream gate…..Buta was frustrated but he knew that the only way he can put things back to normal is by doing what needs to be done and also getting himself back to his normal size….When things couldn't get any worse for the now young hero, he ended up dropping a container that he thought would cure his youth but instead made more problems by adding Blackbeard DNA to his ponytail which created multiple puff balls with eyes…. Not to mention he grew a cyclops eye himself plus his tail grow a mouth. Lucky, enough the puffballs see him as their parent so all they tried to do is either do things on their own or help their creator in battle. Buta soon found out that there was more to his journey when he found out that The reason why he was so skills was because not only was he here before but his memory was wiped three times…… first time, he was a snow leopard Neko with a dragon soul named Ryokai…..the second time, he was a monster Cyclops with a weird tail named Daiki...the third time, was a masked thief vampire werewolf known as Phantom Rose….. it took so long for him to realize that all the abilities that he has and all the powers that he has been given was because of the fact that he lived three separate lives…….. While living the fact that each of the places that he has traveled to in this fantasy world was similar to the places that he lived at…… his world was gone and it was his job to save it three times over but failed, so this time Buta is hoping to make things right….. Buta was realizing that his otherworldly memories were disappearing but also his memories from the past where as well so he was starting to become lost with it after telling Paige that he didn't want her help anymore so she sent the help of the gold element to kill him so she sent a few of their best men and today beat him down until he was able to get away by slicing open a portal at the very last moment even with no strength in his arms...…. Then one day, he finally got his freedom when he met with a woman who is soon to take the title of one of the five elements…..She carries to a library where Buta was damaged in the week for everything that it happened….. She was able to assist him while he went through every single book and healing through the days but soon Buta found a page from a book that note even the woman has read…. He told her that you found it at the other side of the library at the moment she said that he open the book she took the book away from me, telling him to not read those books again…. Buta went against her wishes and also accepted her wishes by the fact that he memorizes all of the ingredients that he needed so he could get his body back in knowing that there was a price that would be made once more just like what happened to his eye….. so he went out and search for multiple items with horrible visions rolling through his mind, seeing the death of his friends because of an able to stay this size that he was…. The journey took him many days, many nights...When he finally got back….. The woman was nowhere to be found as it had been a month since he last saw her…..Buta created the potion and when he drank it…..Buta when into a long sleep with all his memories are floating in front of him and his body was changing but at the same time he was being reincarnated as it felt like something was ripping out of his chest as he fell to the floor and looked as if he was dead…..Buta died that day then after years of being trapped within his own mind, D-Vile was born after going crazy….people even ask him for a request to kill someone or just to be pleased by him or have help from him but why all those months are going on he continues on word to find his wants friends... to teach her a lesson with the blood of the devil on his blade after being sent to hell...the new quest in his mind to take down the five elements but also take the head of Paige after she took his former pets and his comrades….. He is search for payback IN FUCKING FULL!!!!

[Call Of Duty]

He believes that there is always someone better than you and that's why he travels all around the land hoping to find a fighter stronger than him or better than him so that the two of them can have a good fight no matter the circumstances.

///Fair Note: This "calling" can be used in battle as a way to maintain or boast the endurance of your character to keep him/her from losing their focus. Good to resist mind attacks and blood magic. On the contrary, this should not be used as a means to charge or gather energy or null drawbacks.///

[Class System]

Assassin: Users under this class are Enhanced Stealth specialist and talented killers; their skill allows them to conceal their presence.

Berserker: Users under this class must have gone berserk in their lifetime; their skill is Mad Enhancement, an advanced version of Feral Mind.

Samurai: This class is based on the ancient Japanese warriors, and is Yamato Server's replacement for the Pirate Class. The Samurai Class specializes in using 'Ace Skills', which are moves that chain a string of attacks together, in turn for long cooldowns, and sometimes rendering the user unable to move for a short period. The two main builds for Samurai are the Sword Samurai (A Front-Line guard, which uses a katana and samurai-themed armor), and the Vengeance (focuses on counter-type skills).

Monk: A heavy hitter with the Highest HP, that focuses on continuously attacking with its short cooldowns. The two major builds include the Kung-Fu Monk (The Standard Monk Build, with no gimmicks. Uses a set of basic grappling techniques) and the Kicker (A Hit-Move-Hit type fighter. Uses skills that fling it at the enemy.)

Sorcerer: The Basic magic user, with the highest magic attack. There is only one build, mainly because any other build would be nigh impossible to pull off. This build, called the Nuker, or, Magical Battery, focuses on keeping enemies at maximum range, whilst bombarding them with spells.

Thief: warriors that generally don't have much strength; includes Ninjas (some are able to wield 2 weapons at a time) and Thieves (that can steal various things from the enemy).

Swordsman: warriors who use swords as their primary weapon; includes Knights, Paladins, and Gladiators.

Travelers: The travelers are the ones who travel throughout the world or universe and gather information, experience, and adventures and find new ways to see and know how almost everything works and know how to understand the differences of people.

Spirituality: The spiritualists are the ones who are spiritually connected to everything connected to the spiritual forces, in reality, the afterlife and beyond.

Warrior: The Warriors are known to be fighters that fight in battles and are highly skilled in all combat skills and are the fearsome beings and have the potential to be the greatest weapons in the existence whether it be magical, scientific or otherwise.

[Emergency Procedure]

HellBeast Mode (When he gives into his animal side, D-Vile either turns into an anthro Hellhound or a Feral Cerberus. He can turn into other hell animals but only five. Demon Boar, Dream Sheep, Kirin, Koma inu, Shachihoko.)

King Black Beard Form (When his children surround his body and creating a suit of armor that is able to see what is going on from behind and in the front.)

Mastered King’s Flame Form / Fire Mode (His blood, hair, and eyes becomes blue just like his flames, his skin becomes lighter and mind at ease with one's instincts off the charts. The king’s flame was also known as the World’s flame so that whoever use the flame could win any war using it.. The flame itself can engulf the world while leaving the one using it in a suit of flames.)

Demon King Berserk Form (When he truly has had enough, The weight part of his hair becomes red, his tusk become Orc like, his marking him into a full blooded demon for the time being. But Process may be extremely painful but more than anything he might lose control and give into the ways of a demon itself which will cause him to give into the lustful actions of a demonic animal or just a killing Machine like devilman. He loses his sense of humanity and goes berserk, making him ominous and evil. His physical capabilities (strength, speed, and healing) increase drastically, allowing him to deal out devastating attacks while shrugging off horrific injuries with only one goal to defeat his enemies.)

Pure Chi Form (When one master is their chi, they become enlightened by their own power of will and understanding. Similar to Ryu when he is enlightened in street fighter, Buta is able to use The energy against those that have evil intentions. Is flames become sky blue with a shade of white because whenever he moves at a quick pace it's almost like angel wings are following him.)

Dark Chi Form (When one gives into the darkness, they give into their hunger for battle and the thirst of blood within their fingers. D-Vile in this state is able to do similar to what akuma from Street fighter can do. But his flames become black with a dark shade of blue.)

Shadow-Metal Form (it only happens when he decides to eat shadow flames or dark metal, his body becomes in the form of a metal but not only does his body become tougher but he becomes faster and stronger plus allowing himself to be able to jump in dark areas.)

Class mode (it allows him to be a certain class that he has learned poor has skills of.)

Berserker Mode (D-Vile goes into an unleashed state of animal like rage when even his powers are gone. It happens when he loses a large amount of blood.)

Devil Form (user is able to enter a state which allows devil-like abilities, skills and traits with demonic capabilities and powers that transcend all of the users basic limits whether physical, spiritual, mental and so on. The user of this power may also gain an evil state of mind, or an insane mind. The user may be demonic looking in terms of looks while using this power.)

Divine-Demonic Mode (User either is or can transform into a divine-demonic entity, granting them the powers of both divine and demonic beings such as gods and demons/devils. This type of being can either be born from a union between a god and demon, be a fusion between a god and demon/devil, or is a demon/god that somehow possesses demonic/divine powers. Divine-Demonic Entities have all the strengths and powers of both gods and devils but almost none of the weaknesses, they can use both holy and demonic powers equally with no restrictions. Their appearances can vary greatly, such as having a combination of traits of both demon and god, one with traits from neither, or even a unique appearance that doesn't fit either classification.)

Combination Form (Allowing him to use all his chi, magic, forms, and even his rage and piece into one form. The sad part about it is it takes a huge strain on the body depending on how high he is willing to take it.)


D-Vile dreams to be a bartender and play the music for the woman that can steal his heart the best and make love to him the most.

He loves mango juice a lot and if someone can give him a bottle of mango juice, he will do a job just off of that alone.

His boots are used for weights so he doesn't just kicks something too hard by accident.

He ripped off his own wings when he was chosen to be a half class demon so it shows that he doesn't care about those types of things.

D-Vile is a bit of a masochist when it comes to women hurting him.

He loves hot springs and hot girls but he is open minded about the girls that he goes after so Beautiful could mean anything when it comes to him.

D-Vile is usually gambling, drinking, making love to women, assassination, and going on his on vacation/travels.

His favorite video games is Shadow warrior, Vampir, Vampire:The masquerade, resident Evil, Catherine, Mortal Kombat, Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur, Twisted Metal, Sleeping dog, Killer instinct, No More Heroes, Ninja Gaiden, Dead Or Alive, Tekken, Killer Is Dead, Slaughter house.

His favorite TV show is Lucifer.

His favorite movies is an American werewolf in Paris, phantom of the opera, Warm Bodies, Zombieland, and Horns.

His favorite positions are the Eagle, missionary, anvil, Butterfly, Superman, prison guard, Casket, London Bridge, and elephant.

His kill moves is called the Dance Of Death, King's Axe King, Devil’s Nightmare.

He lost one of his horns and the only way he can be at full power is if he has both his horns.

The best thing about him is his smile because even though he has charm like powers he was always able to get a job even before he had powers in the first place or make friends.

His favorite meals is Tangerine beef/shrimp which was used with peanut oil, crispy mango chicken, crispy walnut shrimp, crispy sesame chicken,bacon cheeseburger with fries, broccoli and beef or broccoli and shrimp, Asian BBQ sauce on chicken and sea salt on fries, ramen with Viana sausage slices.

His favorite snack is homestyle popcorn, grapes, demon fruit, mango, Coconut Cups, Teriyaki beef jerky, slim jims,apples, plums, cranberries, yogurt, jello, pudding.

When he is assassinating people, he wears the mask of Phantom Rose that become Asura’s Mask aka the mask of the demon.

Wherever he goes he leaves a devilish letter D on a person's body or a certain location or landmark.

D-Vile he hates when people say that they love him but don't even know him fully as he only except those words if they actually saw the other side of him that had become a corrupt demon humanoid.

D-Vile has many weapons under an abandoned warehouse which he considers his home away from home….

On his travels, he carries a black goth punk rock satchel with a skull and multiple metal spikes but it's able to carry a lot more than people think.

The reason why he is able to use all these powers and also able to control all of them with ease is from all the practicing that he has done while traveling and he reading the books within mountains of knowledge.

He always is holding his own business card to anyone in need of his services.

His member is 10 inches long, 3-4 inches wide with spike like bumps.

He makes the best alcohol from wine to sake.

Things to his supernatural abilities he is able to cross over to the underworld or the spiritual gateway plus even able to walk in to hell or heaven but it all depends on how much energy he has in his body.

He loves playing music for people and even more loves making people happy with his music even when sometimes he doesn't show it.

He can never pass up a good fight or a chance to meet new friends after fighting someone that he barely even knows.

His favorite type of tea is peppermint or ginger.

D-Vile's demon form grows back his horn, makes his skin red, many mouths appear on his arms, A monster eye appears on his chest that can shoot energy blasts, his teeth become sharpened, his four black wings return and his claws become sharp plus has poison on them.

Him and the devil have a “friendship” in a way in the ways of making deals with one another in the way of doing a solid for doing a task that needs to be done.

D-Vile had to read every book in the whole powerful library which shows why he is so powerful and knows so much about different abilities and species plus the languages of other species within his universe.

Not only has he devoured the strongest multiverse versions of himself but he has also killed off most of them as well so he doesn't have to worry about another one popping up to take revenge against Paige The Mage before he does.

He has 3 vehicles, first is a demonic Rolls-Royce Phantom, the second a 1999 Julie Bell demon cycle, and a flying boat known as The Black Christmas.

He has one book that allows him to do/understand spells.

He hates being called a demon even though his demon side sometimes takes over when he is in heat or when he what is way too hungry for battle or too hungry for a woman's touch.

Humans and Angels see D-Vile as Rude, Vile, and Cruel while some demons or hide breeds things the same as the humans but the ones that know him the most think he is kind, brash, lewd, hilarious, and honest.

In serious battle mode, his eyes go cat eye.

He wears lizard leopard skin thong or a spiked mankini.

He is a breeder and hates wearing condoms.

He has 8 hideouts, 1 apartment, 1 treehouse, 1 underground home, 2 bomb shelters, 1 temple, 1 hidden house in the forest, 1 home on a different plant, 1 blacksmith shop.

D-Vile’s biggest fantasy is to have a room filled with sexy woman to have "vigorous exercise" with him.

Favorite color is Venomous Purple.

D-Vile may be straight but he does have a crush on Grell Sutcliff from black butler.

In his universe, there are gateways to other worlds but mainly The ones that are easiest to find is the Human realm, Demon realm, under realm, Holy/ Heavenly Realm, Ice Realm, Shadow Realm, Sea realm, Sky/Wind Realm, Fire Realm, Mountain Realm, Mental realm, Earth Realm and even a Lost Realm but there is also hidden realms that haven't been touched in years.

D-Vile killed many people plus all 5 elements, killed both Lord Adam and Lord John but also the priest, knights, Royals, ninjas, hybrids, demons, sea creatures, giants, dragons, priestesses, assassins, monks, space life, werebeasts, sorceress, zombies, vampires, leprechauns, Sex partners, Clowns, Toons, Mutants, dream sheep, robots, humans, the grim reaper, multi-verse beings (Canon characters of other worlds), plus the devil but he was revived.

He has also fought Gods and Goddesses , Assassins, Royalty, And even ghouls / spirits.

D-Vile by not know it but the King’s Flame only works for royal families that are worthy of it, which means his family line is royalty.

His weaknesses are ice magic, food, madness, his fear, and the people he cares about….

He has a few stringed instruments and a piano but even without them he is a great singer.

He was once a wrestler just so he could kill someone as he was known as “Tiger The Dark” with his finishing move the Spike Tiger driver.

He always keeps a promise no matter what it is.

D-Vile doesn't wanna be king of anything, he may have a castle and the King's Flame plus the title of Demon King but that doesn't mean he wants that title or power as all he wants is to live freely and see peace between the realms.

His Kingdom is known as Long Horn.

The Purple flames are his poison energy, his green flames is when his speed is set into high gear, plus dark flames go with his dark chi.

D-Vile has very strange, dark, and dirty humor.

He has no real type of woman as he is very open as looks don't really matter because what's inside that matters the most as he would even flirt with a skellington.

He has one adopted Daughter named Evy who is a plant demon who got turned into a half demon thanks to D-Vile's blood.

D-Vile has 2 children and by two different women but probably more kids that he doesn't know about but it's doubtful because he always trying to keep track of who he has kids with and make sure that if he does have kids with someone, he will pay child support or tries to see them more than once.

D-Vile shares certain traits with the multiverse versions of himself.

When he is depressed or lonely, it's best to stay out of his way because when he's in that state either if he's drunk or if he is crying about something that's when the true monster shows his fangs in a fight.

D-Vile is known to be a ronin or a vagabond because if he is writing a vehicle, he is walking on miles of forest or road.

Best Quote:

“When the reaper takes you to the gates of hell, just remember my name because that will give you the VIP treatment that you deserve.”

“It's hard being a demon”

Trademark Quote(s)/Greeting(s):

“Greetings and Salutations”

“My, my, my” or “My My My”

“Hey Hey Hey!” or “Hey, hey, hey”

“Run snow bunny!”

“Blood taste better than wine.”

“Let's Die!”

“Demon Slays The King.”

Laughing type:




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