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sun shine

By otakuap
thais one ended up looking good all though it feels like something is missing and im not sure what.
oh well at least spring is coming and i don't have to sit in the dark any more, or i could just get a brighter ceiling lamp.

also off topic: i went and saw The Kingsman the secret service if you like over the top action movies go see it.
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El efecto es alucinante
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Exactly what we need right now. :)
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She is nothing but sunshine in an otherwise cold, dreary winter day.  Love this, Otaku.
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How to survive winter? Imagining it's summer!

But don't forget to wear winter clothing while day dreaming in winter.

Wonderful work
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all though it feels like something is missing and im not sure what.
I my inexpert opinion, it looks like the picture is off balance and chopped off.

The bottom right corner is anchored by Pinkie in the foreground. Her bright pinks and magentas compliment the deep green foliage.

There are all these converging lines drawing the viewers' attention to the top left (Pinkie's gaze, the snowfall, the "Rays of Spring", the tree branches, and the background tree trunks). It looks like those lines are supposed to go somewhere, but they are chopped off by the top of the image.

In my humble opinion, the top left corner needs something to balance the picture. One possibility would be to extended the top of the image 2-3cm more and put a small, gold/orange/yellow (Spitfire's colours; would compliment the blue sky well) pegasus in the midground near the apex of the "Spring Rays", clearing the winter greyness away with weather magic...
Pinkie Pie sure is a ray of sunshine! Lovely piece.
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Looking great!
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The symbolism in this piece is great.
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I would agree with Wisdom-Thumbs - there is something about the mountains. 
Perhaps place some trees or shrubbery up on the mountains? 
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It's definitely missing something and It scares me that I don't know what it is either.
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its missing your screams transfer student
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I want it to be warm now.. Been cold for freakin 4-5 months like holy crap PLEASE!!
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Beautiful work!
Pinkie Pie is always the sunshine for everypony! :)
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Very original. 
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Only with PinkiePie could this work. ^_^ Great piece of art and love the way it has been done .
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Very nice work!
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This is so beautiful! I love this!
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This is such a wonderful composition, love it! :aww:
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That's a great idea. Surprising how well it works. But the mountains are still too black and white inside the ray of light!
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This is incredibly well done. Wow!
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Wow, originally :D
Only Pinkie could pull something like this off!
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