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heres a wet vaporeon for you all.
it's starting to look like i makeing another set of eeveelution pictures sinse i havent been able to come up whit anything else.
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WARNING: Picture contains contagious smile. 
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Ha! That’s true. XD :)

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For a second I thought he had come out of the bathroom, were you in the toilet again? XD Super cute
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Damn it. At least Vaporeon didn't track MUD in the house.
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Hmm, i know comments that view Eeveelutions as rabbits becuase of their long ears (never seen a fennec fox huh guys?) but squirrels? Huh? What?

I still view them as the adorable fennec-cats <3
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Squirrels? They don't resemble squirrels in the slightest
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Well if you check the comments one guy called Vappy that
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Aw it's the wet fennec fishy kitty, so cuuuuuuuuuute

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"I did a Rain Dance and made it storm outside and flooded the yard and I love you!"

This is super cute. I adore how you did the coloring! The background is gorgeous, as is the fishfox.
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that is a cat statement if i ever heard one
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Still super cute <3
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Cutest Catfish Ever
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Daww. Now, here's the question. Is Vaporeon dragging the water in from a swim, or is it from Vaporeon's cell structure being near identical to water?
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It's raining outside. 
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It looks so happy though! Who could stay mad at that face?
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I would snuggle that wet fish/cat/squirrel right on the spot. 
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If my cat was an Vaporeon...
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