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finaly draw something new and drew a :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd and :iconlatecustomer: LateCustomer picture which i been planning forever now but havent been able to think of anything.
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Late makes me think of Clutterstep. Don't know why.

*cough* blue *cough*
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...d'aaaaaaaaaw. :)
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I tried fiddling with my phone to comment, but it kept commenting on other comments... so...

"You're always being do damn good to me, Otaku.  I love you, man. Thank you"
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I am not into shipping but... This is "real" shipping and that's just sooo cute.
I'm happy for them two :3

Ouuu and it's such a cute picture as well!
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Hnnng!!! ^_^  so cute!! Love both of their works, met White Diamonds a few times just last weekend at EFNW. :D I feel bad I might have breezed pass LateCustomer cause I was so excited and enchanted to see White Diamonds again (first time was Bronycon just last year!).   But, dawww what a cute pair!! :D 
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Met them at EFNW 2017 and you captured them with amazing accuracy.
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Hehe. At first I tought this was Rarity putting the moves on Twilight's dad, Night Light. :)
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Real life shipping!
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Aww, this is so adorable :3
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Awwwww~ So cute. X3
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This is adorable! :aww:
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Shipping imitates art far more than art imitates Shipping.
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