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either pinkie is really focused on that toaster, or she fell asleep with her eyes open.
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Those eyes are so beautiful.
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
Toasters don't toast toast, people toast toast. But as it turns out, you do need the toaster's help. That death glare isn't going to toast any toast on its own.
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Insert Hotel Mario reference
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
I am afraid I do not follow. Is there some kind of meme?
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
Okay, so that's where it came from. It still doesn't make sense, but nothing from that show does.
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It's a game from the Phillips CDI, actually.
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jjarsHobbyist Writer
Oh. Well, that doesn't really change what I said. CD-i games even look like old cartoons...and usually play like them, too, in the sense that whatever the player does won't affect the outcome. The controls and lack of directions always screwed me over when I once tried to play such abominable games as Dragon's Lair II and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Hotel Mario looks like it's on the same level of badness.

Also, I was originally going for a joke about "guns don't kill people, people kill people."
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Toasters don't stay down if not plugged in. Cute comic!
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Their eyes are fucking beautiful.
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PinkamenaDevProfessional Artist
Did it this morning I'm like what the heck is my bread ...

Not even plugged in

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And the toaster pops anyway because Pinkie Pie...
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KigamaHobbyist General Artist
You do beautiful eyes.
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bipoleHobbyist Digital Artist
:icontoastplz2: *poing*

:iconsleepypieplz: Oh, good morning, Twilight. Coffee's up in a minute.

:icontwilightswhatplz: What coff– :icontwilighthuhplz: :icontwilightscaredplz:
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chrome-toasterHobbyist General Artist
I would hope that if she were staring at her slightly warped refection in the Chrome Toaster, her expression would be happier. Perhaps Pinky has self esteem issues. xo Love this pic. 
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KJK1993Student General Artist
Wait, if it wasn't plugged in, how was the lever down? I've tried to set a toaster up like that without being plugged in and it just pops back up
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This is Pinkie Pie we're talking about, remember?
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KJK1993Student General Artist
Point taken. Nothing makes sense with pinkie or discord, and that's the way it should be :iconpinkiepielaplz: :icondiscordlaplz:
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Irony. Discord's easier to explain than Pinkie Pie...
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1 flaw... when my toaster was plugged out and i tried to toast... i realized it wont stop on the "down position"...
so it snapped back.

but well allmost same effect here
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She's looking at her reflection? Maybe..
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Shhhhhh, this is the longest staring contest I've ever seen.
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