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This can only end well

By otakuap
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does this image need any description?

at least scootaloo gets to fly,,, kind of.

Edit: ~Drakeal in the comments was the first one noticed the reference
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Scootaloo, you're going to get covered in treesap again. 
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SALT--WATERHobbyist Writer
well I say...the weight of the rock will break the board before it will be able to fling her off.
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This gave me a laugh.  I think she's been watching too many road runner cartoons.  Awesome work.
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wonder were she got that idea i wonder if it was some were around apple buck season 

haha great job your work is adorable ever do requests
ShadowWing09's avatar
And then the rock landed on Scootaloo D=

Scootaloo: "...I meant to do that."
Apple Bloom: "Then it worked really well."
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Ha! I understood that reference.
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PineyCreekHobbyist Writer
Scootaloo, you might be better off inventing the airplane.
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"I'll be up in the air one of these days, ONE OF THESE DAYS!!"
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amandaamHobbyist Digital Artist
i found this www.deviantart.com/art/A-GOOD-... and it reminded me of this picture.
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otakuapHobbyist Digital Artist
well the comic is a remake of this, kinda. so it's not that surprising.
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amandaamHobbyist Digital Artist
oh ok.. well i think this is a really awesome picture!
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maribakumonHobbyist Digital Artist
Crash Bandicoot reference is it?
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how did she get that rock up there?
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mall45Student Writer
She used the power of the force.
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FairdevinHobbyist Traditional Artist
wile E. scootalo
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JohnFlahertyHobbyist Artist
Try to fly without anyone's help...

:iconjeremyclarksonplz: :iconsaysplz: HOW HARD CAN IT BE???
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fonypanHobbyist General Artist
What you don't see is after the rock falls she becomes acquainted with a wooden crate quite rapidly.
Allsmiles98311's avatar
Looking upon this picture, I can only think to ask one question.

Great idea? Or best idea ever!?
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fisgasHobbyist Traditional Artist
scootaloo to the moon XD
WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar
FLYYYYYYYYYYY!! Cool idea! now she really gett's her cutiemark...:D
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something tells me she's gonna be covered in tree sap at the end of this experience.
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