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Scootaloo Uprising

By otakuap
this is the the where i would write a quote from kid icarus uprising, the problem is that there is just way too many quotable lines in that game to choose from.
also if you have a 3DS and dont have the game GO BUY IT NOW!
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This is an amazing reference to kid icarus and it fits perfectly how Palentena is a god like how Celestia is somewhat of a god and how pits dream to fly by himself really connects with Scootaloo and i love this work being a fan of both MLP FIM and Nintendo myself i think this is a great crossover and it gets a 4.5 of 5 rating in my book the only problem is well it just looks a little odd maybe its celestial horn size i don't know but no need for editing this is a great piece of work and you should be proud for making this.
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Yes!  I actually recently 100%'d this game!  After taking a break from it for a few years.
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Now that's a way to make a reference to something!
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"You know how a chicken takes 3 steps and forgets?"
"G-force in my face!"

I played the first two levels of Kid Icarus Uprising on my brother's copy. As a result, I've been looking everywhere for this game, but it's always sold out!

Beautiful work! The detail in Scoots' robes is fantastic, as is she. Great work with the clouds and cloud Celestia-Palutena too! ^_^
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"My wish would be- to fly by myself!"
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Scootaloo's a saint!
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This diffenetly made my day!
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That's a cute picture. What a sweet cloud Celestia!
That's super cool.
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Discord can be Hades.
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Nice job and great crossover I love it! Kid Icarus Uprising was such an awesome game :D
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she looks happy( and cute)
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This looks awesome :D
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Beautiful work.

Smiling flying Scootaloo is best Scootaloo.
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Awesome picture! Keep up the good work. 
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"Do you remember when,
when the Changelings forced their rule on Equestria
1002 and the allies turned away
From the underground
rose a hope of freedom as a whisper
Kingdom in despair, but they never lost their faith"

Obscure song reference woo! It's also unrelated to the pic. I was just reminded of that song when I saw the title.
Makes sense. Icarus can only fly when Palutena uses her power on him.
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