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and that's why you look where you're going.
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Me: Pinkamena? are you ok?
Pinkie: Me yes but my nose  no, Aie aie!
Me: Pinkamena Watch where you're goin!
Pinkie: Why you call me by my born name and not Pinkie pie like everypony, only mom and dad call like this?
Me: Is sample, I love your Born name and i say to be sure you never forget it!
Pinkie:...hihihi thanks aie is still hurt...Why my Pinkie sanse a not warning me?
Me: Well i think Your Pinkie sanse is only warning you for something very big, like a falling object!
Pinkie: and who are the silly one to let his tool on the ground!
Old man: Oh sorry Young earth pony one, I forget it becose i got a call, and i learn my twin brother is past away!
Pinkie: Oh sorry to hear that!
Old man: Is normal, but he got a very happy live like i do, What is your Name young one, My is Maximilian London but everone call me Max!
Pinkie: Me is Pinkamena Diana Pie but everypony call Pinkie Pie or Pinkie but is My big Sister who a start to call me like this , well is because my Fur and is more short to say, hehehehe!
Max: You most love your big sister?
Pinkie: Oh I love Maud and love my two other sister , Limestone is older then me and Marble is younger then me by 10 second well all four we are 
quadruplets nut Maud is the more Mature then Us hehehehe, this is why we call her Big sister!
Max: Hahahahaha is funny my Twin Brother is be born befor me but i never call him like this but we both see other as the big brother and as the same time the little brother and we good care a other...why not come to home, i am sure my wife Diana will love to hear your Story and You Sonny?
Me: Hmm Ok But remenber you are not father and stop call me Sonny, I got a name!
Max: I know you name but i call you like this ,like if you be my own son.....bla bla bla( and the door close)

Me and Pinkie a past a wonderful time.
the end.

Note: The Old man name 
Maximilian London and his wife are Oc i made fast for the little story! What you think Otakuap?
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I thought of this picture a few weeks ago when I was helping mom garden. She told me to lay the rake tines down... this is why!
artwarrior1985's avatar
Watch out for them rakes! Sneaky bastards!
raelin11's avatar
Awww, poor Pinkie :(
Frostfauna's avatar
Aww, poor Pinkie. You'd think ponies would be better at keeping their gardening tools safely stored when not in use.
LordThunder86's avatar
*Hugs Pinkie and makes sure she's ok*
hunterandspyro's avatar
That's is not funny.
haVok116's avatar
awwww, poop pinkie :(
:iconpinkiepiesad: Ow! That smarts!
:iconchangelingqueenplz: Enjoy it while you can! That's the only smarts you'll ever have!
:iconflutterrageplz: YOU SHUT YOUR UGLY MOUTH!!
:iconchangelingqueenplz: Fine. I was just leaving anyway. *flies off*
:iconfluttershyblankplz: Cruel beast. She's even uglier on the inside.  :iconfluttershyworriedplz: Are you all right, Pinkie?
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: It still stings a little, but I'm fine. Thanks for sticking up for me.
:iconfluttershywinkplz: My pleasure.
raelin11's avatar
Aww! Cute little story!
Fox-Kai's avatar
exactly what i thought when i saw this picture
FNaFMLP's avatar
I love when pinkie pie is in pain
MaskedMenace833's avatar
(Neeyyerrrggghhhhugggghhhh)> -.-
retfarcimak's avatar
I know that feeling.
Petester34's avatar
As funny as this picture and the gag is, I've done this and can tell you first-hand that it hurts more than the gag will lead you to believe. I was lucky not to have broken my nose. Good picture nonetheless.
NoXV's avatar
i've seen enough Tom and Jerry cartoons to know what happened here.
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:iconsideshowbobplz: :iconsaysplz: FINALLY! Someone shares my pain!
Chrismilesprower's avatar
Okay uh Sideshow Bob? Your insanity is showing again, let's calm down. 
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