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Power Lines

after two weeks constant stuff i can finally concentrate on making more art.
the stuff includes two conventions and being sick.
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That's one awesome looking picture alright!

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That's a... strong cable.
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Ever wonder why pegasus dun get electrocuted ?
BokunZhao's avatar
She didn't touch the ground at the same time.
jyroman53's avatar
Rosedge's avatar
Rainbow dash has better balance then me XD
AmayaTheSwimmingWolf's avatar
I'm still impressed on how well u drew this after re-looking at it 
ZombieFX's avatar
anypony reminds himself on the "pixar short" with the birds?.... 
MasterEG's avatar
Dashie confirmed to be best bird.
QwixLochflow's avatar
And here we have the magic-scientific explanation of Rainbow Power.
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nanoonri's avatar
OW said Dash my butt is on feir.
KironStrife's avatar
Con-Sarnit! Those darn Pegasi knocked out the power again!
disney-mlp-forever's avatar
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oron61's avatar
Birds on a wire
Soon may expire.
jyroman53's avatar
SEE ?! Birds cannot fry !
DeJiKo07's avatar
Dashie, you better get out of there before you get a nice jolt in the flank! :D
FanaticTVzombie's avatar
Naaa man, there's a rubber coating on the outside of those things.
PencilPonies's avatar
I desperately want this to be a thing. Pegasi on power lines! COME ON GUYS, WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!
Kyoshyu's avatar
It might happen more than the authors can afford to show. ;p
FralLeman's avatar
G-get off there Rainbow, before you break it! that I think about it, if she can walk on clouds, then a power line shouldn't be a problem.
Fine, you can stay, but keep tank's propeller away from the cord!  AND NO JUMPING, STOP THAT!
Aurora-Chiaro's avatar
Dashie is so cute with her Tank:aww:
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