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On high adventure with fluttershy

this is pretty much a remake of the flutter knight picture, [link] that i made back in september.
other than the position of fluttershy, and maybe a bit of the shading in places, this end up looking great.
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Oh my... it looks great!

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I dont know.... this somehow reminds me of Monty Python and the holy grail.... the bridge of death scene.
Pinkie: "STOP! Who approach the bridge of death must answer me the questions three... and the other side he see..."
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fluttershy: a-a-are you sure about this pinke?
pinke: yesy wesy messy
fluttershy: steps on brige falls down cuz brige breaks AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
pinke pie: NOOOOOOO

THE END. oh and pinke pie jumped down and saved fluttershy from dieing
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Fluttershy on armor!!! Awesomeness!!! :wooohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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This would make a great game.
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Fluttershy looks good in armor. :aww:
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Played Dovahkiin while watching this. SO WORTH IT.
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o my fuking gowd
wheres fluttershys wings?!!
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Tucked tightly within the protective casing of the armor, obviously.
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Well, I'm guessing she's not flying anywhere for a good long while.
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Pinkie's hop skip and jump song would be a good motivater on this adventure.
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NOW THAT IS SOME ARMOR!! :icondignitylaughplz:
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That was AWESOME work! I was inspired from this picture. If you'd like, could I draw this armor design? :D
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sure, go a head.
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I wish I could draw armor that good.
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
practice makes perfect
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is pinkie pie some sort of an archer or something
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
looks like shes a squire
or a bard
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
Bravely bold Sir Flutter
Rode forth from Canterelot.
Shee was not afraid to die,
Oh brave Sir Flutter
She was not at all afraid
To be killed in nasty ways.
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Flutter.
She was not in the least bit scared
To be mashed into a pulp.
Or to have her eyes gouged out,
And her elbows broken.
To have his kneecaps split
And her body burned away,
And her limbs all hacked and mangled
Brave Sir Flutter.
Her head smashed in
And her heart cut out
And her liver removed
And her bowls unplugged
And her nostrils raped
 And her bottom burnt off
And her pen--
"That's... that's enough music for now lads,
 *** there's dirty work afoot*** ???."
Brave Sir Flutter ran away.
("No!") Bravely ran away away.
("I didn't!") When danger reared it's ugly head,
She bravely turned her tail and fled.
("no!") Yes, brave Sir Flutter turned about
("I didn't!")
And gallantly she chickened out.
****Bravely**** taking ("I never did!") to her feet,
She beat a very brave retreat.
("all lies!") Bravest of the braaaave,
 Sir Flutter!
("I never!")
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Monty Pythoned, huh ? ;)
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
Glad someone took notice
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