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My Book!

By otakuap
this was inspired by a picture of an owl looking intimidating.
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*tries to steal her book*
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Why is it so easy to imagine her grunting like an angry rabbit in this picture? :giggle: And yes, rabbits do grunt when they get angry! :XD:
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I'd like to think Twilight would hiss like an angry owl would when it's mad. Or maybe just one kind of owl does that.

I've seen it.
Uri-the-Espeon's avatar
Lolz, yeah, I can see it. X3
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I can totally see Twilight acting like this, lol. Good job and keep up the very good work!
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When it's past the due date and the library wants you to return the book.
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Bookhorses are very territorial...
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Whoa... calm down Twilight.  Not trying to cause any trouble...
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PolarNecromorph's avatar
NO you lying! You taken it from library and must return it back!
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
I feel the same with all my books and dvds
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AH, a classic scene from Season 2. ^_^

Only, ya know, you gave Twilight her Alicorn look instead of her original Unicorn one, but still. < : )
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That book's gonna get butt fucked by that 4 legged body pillow.
BokunZhao's avatar
She looks wonderful in whatever situation (except Lesson Zero...)
Whoa! Twilight, calm down! I would never take your books. I know you're very protective of them after what happened to the treebrary, but can I maybe borrow one of your-.
MLP Twilight Sparkle (Angry) Plz - NO! NOPONY TAKES MY BOOKS! Nopony!
Alright! I'm sorry, I didn't to make you angry. I guess I will get my own books... if that's okay with you. Later, Twilight!
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Treebrary? :D That's so great! I've never heard it called that before :aww:
Glad you like it.

The building Twilight originally lived was called, "The Golden Oaks Library."
Then, that got destroyed by Tirek. That home was so much to her and now she has a castle.
I think I know why she is more protective of her books is because of what happened to Golden Oaks.
So tragic yet so true.
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Yep, I completely understand her protectiveness over books. That scene was so sad when the Golden Oaks Library was destroyed :'(
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Pyro: Mph Mph. (Hi there) /set book on fire./
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