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okay i think that's the last picture that i wanted to remake for a while anyway, although this one is so different from the original that it can't really be considered a remake anymore.
heres the "original" picture Mimics
also if you're wondering, i made the scene take place in the golden oaks library because i don't have much material to work with the new house.
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This is what happens when you ask for a book with bite.
HAHAHA puns for days son.
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"Coff coff hay stupid you have wings us 'em"
This is why you shouldn't read too much Harry Potter. 
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:icontwilightangryplz: Your not the first book to try and bite me and you wont be the last.  
:icontwilightrageplz:  Though as Celestia is my witness.  
:iconyellingtwilightplz:  I WILL READ YOU!  :icontwilightfirerageplz:
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Sheesh, Twilie. Just stroke its spine ;)
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You can beat these quickly enough, unfortunately it goes against Twilight's instincts to break it's spine.
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Beware the hungry mimic!
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oh god this reminds me of m first time on mabinogi all over aginnnnnnnnnnnnn....dang mimic chest killed me and i thought it wasn't aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeee X.X
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Who wants to bet something like could actually happen in an episode.
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"Bad book! Bad! You won't get a reprint!"

Wonderful work
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The Monster Book of Monsters.
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I prefer Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them myself.
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That is awesome with a look that tells me "Okay I read up on how to handle this. Just need to tame it. Spike! Get down here and help sooth it" nicely done with the expressions, lighting, and shading including detail :nod:
reminds me of harry potter the prisoner of azkaban scene with those living books from hagrid
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Dang son. I really like the lighting in this. Also the composition in this is epic as fuck. 
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Looks like the Monster Book of Monsters in Harry Potter.
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I prefer Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them myself.
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That's on bad book.
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God, mimics are bastards. I hate them no matter where they appear.

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Me recuerda una escena de Harry Potter
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