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Love is Serious business

comando cupid cadence.
i can just imagine cadence going around on hearts and hooves day doing cupids job, commando style, and shooting love arrows like this:…
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Must be another Heart's and Hooves Day (Pony Version of Valentine's Day) for Equestria.

Also...Is that a Bayonet Heart Auto-Crossbow?
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Love is just another kind of war.

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Oh gosh, that's hilarious and I love it... XD

Love IS srs bizness
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Don't push it. Or I'll make you a friendship you won't believe.
Let go.
Let. Go.
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Oh? Well, if it is so, why not, after all?
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So... whose up for modding this into Broforce?
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So is this love or war?
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Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Cadence why am i shotting
:iconevilcadenceplz: They drew first love, not me!
:icontwilightwhatplz: Cadence?
:iconevilcadenceplz: They drew first love.
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:icontwilightwhatplz:Crystal, this is Bookworm. Come on, Crystal. Crystal, this is Bookworm. Talk to me, Cadence.
Annoyed Twilight Sparkle by xRainbowSugar  You want a war you can't win?

Queen Chrysalis by 90Sigma  Are you telling me that 200 changelings against your filly is a no-win situation for us?

Angry Twilight Vector by SuperPonytime  You send that many, don't forget one thing.

Chrysalis by DarkestDragonKing  What?

Devious Twilight by Yanoda  A good supply of body bags.
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I'd retreat Chrysalis....Ain't not tussle with a deranged Alicorn. O_O
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(looking for the next line from "Rambo: First Blood". ^^ )
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Sometimes love hurts. This is one of those times. And it will hurt like Hell.
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Cadence looks absolutely awesome!!! Truly love this!!! :hooray: :hooray: :hooray:
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