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this ended up looking a lot better than it has any right to.
still happy nightmares everyone.
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Clone I'm afraid now .. :)
Exovare's avatar
The horn's actually pretty creative. No loss of magical capabilities, I presume.
FacelessSoles's avatar
I second to that
PLsim's avatar
*see's twilight's horn* oh that's.. interesting... hmm

*sees rest of her body* WHAT
Fluttersfan888's avatar
omgosh so creepy lololol
EnderWolf290's avatar
The horn is the best
ArrJaySketch's avatar
What. Wow. 

This made me laugh, though!
iPandacakes's avatar
That's... yeah. Disturbing. lol omg
2-Tailed's avatar
That's disturbing :/
Petester34's avatar
Man, and I thought the arm Dash one was weird.
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Twilight's nighmare, Lyra's dream, Luna's 4chan...
tooni-pi's avatar
Am I the only one who DOESN'T find this creepy? Probably :P

Still, awesome artwork! I'm faving this!
KaRyu1017's avatar
o-O That is the most creepiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

SentireAeris's avatar
Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter What am i seeing... O.o XD
LisaWolf's avatar
That's... creepy... o.o;

The art style is nice... but the content itself is creepy :P
templar127's avatar
:iconmlplyraplz: I know I like hands, but I am seeing shit!!!
What the even?

Does anybody else think it looks like her wings were captured just as they began groping her?
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