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Get It Off (Re-remake)

By otakuap
yes, I remade this picture a third time just to see how much I have progressed.
here are the older versions:
Dec 2012:…
may 2014:…
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Ahh. Classics will stay classy.
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"KILLIT!KILLIT!KILLIT!KILLIT!KILLIT!" *Rainbow Dash begins banging it (and thus Applejack in the face) with a shovel. "OW!OW!OW!"
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Moth used smother, it was very effective.
CumuloSpark27's avatar
suddenly! a moth attacks AJ what do you do?
ColonelYeo's avatar
*angry moth noises* XD
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I freaking love this! I thought it was funny and cute before, and I come back to see it improved upon again! Great work, Otakuap! : D
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Haha, I love this. XD  Back in my home town Akron Colorado, we would sometimes return home from a trip to find the garage was full of Miller moths ( Thousands of them !!! )  It became tradition to stand outside the door, and stand there as they got released.  A Title Wave of a thousand moths rushing around you, and into you was quite the event. lol
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We need more mothjack
Hovel's avatar
isn't it the same like the "Draw this again" meme?
Kujiiro's avatar
jeroen01's avatar
OH yes! haha great!
BenTheSubconCreator's avatar
Holy Shit that's improvement!
Renarde-Louve's avatar
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and its back :D
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So is the facehugger reference intentional or...
runner1's avatar
Fluffy, the bringer of Darkness is certainly bringing darkness to AJ there. XD
YoshiRingo's avatar
bawww, Im guessing you do this every two years? >w<
NovDecJan's avatar
This one is drawn better, I still prefer the original, it's funnier.

edit: does that make me a hipster?
AdrianTheBrony's avatar
Awweww, it wants a hug ><
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