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Fluttershy In Dress

By otakuap
this is actually a variant of a picture i made yesterday, and here's the original picture… because i just couldn't resist.
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Great job lovely artwork. And i really like the pink dress she is wearing.
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:iconhappyfluttershyplz:-The Hills are alive with the Sounds of Music...
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I was thinking that! lol~ Rainbow Bullet - F2U! 
Maldrete's avatar
Okay. That's adorable.
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I love the dress flapping!
TomFraggle's avatar
This looks amazing!  Well done!
KirbyHamtaro's avatar
That looks cute and adorable. It looks beautiful with that dress on. Nice work.
MegaPatron's avatar
Its sooo cute ^_^
SpikelyWhiplash's avatar
Holy palette swap, Batman!
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Very beautiful! I like how you drew the wings.
Deadaccountuwu's avatar
It's the soooound of music
geartech's avatar
I love how she looks soo happy in this.
It makes me happy.
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Flutter's dress is just adorable.
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