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so this is my first attempt on making a comic.
personally i probably should had fluttershy leaning back more in the second panel.
and i would have probably got a way with less shading.
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Reminds me of a cat I once had who did something similar:  She'd fall asleep on the windowsill...and then roll over & fall off!  I'd be sitting down, quietly reading in total silence...then there'd be this loud "THUMP!" when she'd hit the floor!  (Relax, people-she didn't get hurt--she was "well-padded", IYKWIM...)  She never learnt, either-she did the same thing over & over throughout her long life...
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Awe darn! I saw this in Pinterest, I thought she was going to swing upside down 'cause her tail would catch the branch
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FeatherSpiralHobbyist General Artist
How does she not jolt awake in panel 3 :o
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Easy it is not the fall that wakes you it is the sudden stop. 
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Vinylicious-Pon-3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
D'awwww!!! :love:
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AdeyCZEStudent Digital Artist
What program did you do it?
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I was really worried until I realized that she was less than four feet above the ground. Silly Flutters! *hugs her* You should be more careful when climbing trees!
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ChibiFirestarHobbyist General Artist
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I was half expecting a flock of birds to catch her mid-fall and plop her back on the branch still sleeping.
Just to really poke fun at the fact she's pretty much Snow White.
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Or Rainbow Dash sonic rainbooming to her rescue
Fluttershy (i like your join) plz Rainbow? What are you doing?
Rainbow Dash (Sheepish) Plz I was just passing by! Not like I'm watching you sleep or anything creepy like that!
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HisBestFantasyEverXDHobbyist General Artist
So adorable. +fav :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) =P (Razz) Meow :3 Love :happybounce: Heart 
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Aww! She looks so cute! I love it :+fav:
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DracoDeiHobbyist Writer
Ace of Scarabs from forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?6…

"In lighter news, even the plantlife will take care of Fluttershy."
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FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
:iconphotofinishplz::iconsaysplz:Even her fallsh are graceful!
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Oh man, this is something that I'd expect from Pinkie or RD, but not Flutters.

Good thing that bush is there.

Loving it.
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SoulflutigressStudent Traditional Artist
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aww so cute Omg so cute 
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That was cute. At least she landed on a bush with no thorns.
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Star-Von-AlicornHobbyist General Artist
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Aaaaw. That's cute.
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ConceptbroHobbyist Traditional Artist
confused pone is confused.
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