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Fenris breeds heroes like a bar breeds drunks - loud, proud and spoiling for a fight.
-Grand Master Belial of the Dark Angels
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A pony wolf? I don't get it. (I don't watch the show, is this something that happened?)
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oh... thought its derpy for a sec... preview pic lied to me
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Spess dogs

Good art, bad taste
South-Williams's avatar
Now THERE'S a guy you don't want to mess with...^^;
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wow! That's stunning. The details are, they just blow me away!
Every time I try to favorite any of your deviations it sends me a message saying I can't. But this is amazing.
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
Never enough Ponyhammer. Never.
Particularly such gloriously hairy Ponyhammer.
ColonelYeo's avatar
Forward, to VICTORY! :D
KayKayTwilie's avatar
Great texture of the mane and tail! :) the armor looks cool!
Gordon-Weedman's avatar
Space Wolves! I'm more a fan of the Reasonable Marines though :P
otakuap's avatar
to be honest i'm more of a dark angels fan but i made this one about space wolves because i got my inspiration from this…
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Ah. Was kinda hoping it would be another video game, but no, it's more stuff for the board game :(
While I understand the roots of W40k lie in the board game, I would love more video games of W40k. I particularly like Dawn of War I and Space Marine, and am actually hoping for a sequel to Space Marine.
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BLeh, show some love for the greatest chapter, The Ultras.
Gordon-Weedman's avatar
Of the official chapters though, the Ultramarines are my favourite, so do not despair, all is well! ;)
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Pretty sure it says reasonable, not angry :P
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I just love Angry Marines I am a dummy! 
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You're a (possible) 40k fan, then?
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This is pretty cool, gj :D
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