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Celestias True Form

By otakuap
well looks like i'll be remaking this one sooner rather than later not because its bad but because you can put pretty much anything in place of celestia in the final panel and the comic would still work.

the other thing with this comic was that i tried to draw it as fast as couldjust to see how long it would take. but it still took two days because i didn't expect to be so busy yesterday and today as i was.

here's a link to version 2 and version 3
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That makes more sense.
tokyofox200's avatar
Funny but it would even be funnier having Celestia and Tsuanade fighting over who really invented the youth Jitsu they would both be using now.. heh...
Hotspot-the-626th's avatar
I could believe that :XD:
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DumbBlond101's avatar
lol so Twilight'ss brother married his grandma's sister?
PurpleSquidz's avatar
No, Cadence, like Twilight, was not born an Alicorn. She was born a pegasus and earned her horn. She is not related to Celestia and Luna, and rules a different kingdom in a different castle. Also, if anything, Celestia and Luna are like her aunts.
DumbBlond101's avatar
thanks for telling me
I didn't know that
PurpleSquidz's avatar
All goods my fellow brony =D
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Wait what? Cadence isn't Celestia's sister? (Unless im completely out off things :baffled: )
PurpleSquidz's avatar
No, cadence isnt related to em lol
Fanipalaxy's avatar
DumbBlond101's avatar
ya she is. She's a princess. At least that's what I remember
That's why she's a alicorn and lives at the castle
Fanipalaxy's avatar
I know she's a princess 
ApplewoodArt's avatar
i laughed so hard at this, great original concept
CrystalCritic's avatar
She looks good for her age. Which is a thousand plus, so that a big compliment since she looks sixty.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Also, your grandmother is secretly Fancy Pants. And Fancy Pants is secretly the moon.
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