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But it's about bunnies

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Admittedly i haven't read the book, but if it's anything like the movie, well you get the idea.
(the only books that i have read are the redwall books from the first to long patrol in release order.)
Detailed shading on comic is a nightmare by the way.

Also a little bit of bragging, i did the coloring, and shading in one sitting, it took me about 9 hours.
i'm not sure if the comic is any good because i been staring at it for at least 15 hours.

(EDIT:i should have added this [link] long ago, i'm not sure why i didn't,
also thank you :iconobabscribbler:~Obabscribbler for making it.)
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Turdles24Student Traditional Artist
*nervous laughter*
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That's nothing. If she were to go to a screening of the film, and I was the projectionist, I'd be preparing my own gallows from the start.
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Twilight at the end is like, "Buck, you'll regret this..."
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Mental trauma in three... two... one...
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FreeSpirit29Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should watch the tv episode series. It's way better than the book and movie.
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DanVaverickHobbyist General Artist
Please please PLEASE draw a comic about the aftermath of Fluttershy reading that book! XD
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Why is there a giant moth after that hat?
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2grooveyHobbyist Photographer
Its a recurring theme.
IT Returns by otakuap Grand Theft Hat by otakuap
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Pffftttt!!!! :3 That's hilarious! XD

Also, FLUTTERSHY NO!!!! Not that book!!
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Anarchrist17Student Writer
well at least she didn't see the movie oh wait
she did
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Scared Fluttershy :........

Princess Twilight Sparkle Scared Emoticon. : I warned ya.

Happy Fluttershy : Umm....c-can I check it out again? If that's okay with you that is..
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samuraivalerieHobbyist General Artist
... Don't give angel any ideas. Please.
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endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
Sorry someone explain i dont get it..
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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
A runt gets dark premonitions of doom coming to his warren, so he convinces his brother to take a group of rabbits and flee. The warren is later gassed and dug up so that the land can be used for real estate development. Only two of the rabbits who stayed in the warren survive, making their way to the group that left in order to tell the runt that he was right all along. The rabbits--all bucks--go through a series of dangers and struggles both in finding and establishing a new warren on Watership Down. Once there, they realize they need does, and decide to raid a nearby warren that is basically communist Russia for rabbits. The raid is barely successful, and the dictator of the warren (who calls himself a general) retaliates by leading an assault on Watership Down, culminating in a siege and a bloody battle, and finally ended when the chief rabbit of Watership Down--the runt's brother--manages to turn a farm dog loose on the invading rabbits.
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endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
i already know XDD
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Watership Down is about Bunnies. From what I understand it also happens to be incredibly violent.
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endergirlgammerHobbyist Artist
I get it know, i looked it up
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thegriffin88Professional Digital Artist
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I wouldnt let her read that if i were you Twilight XD
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There is another comic similar to this, only with Fluttershy in tears after reading "Watership Down". Does anyone have the link to that particular comic artwork?
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*Fluttershy reads the whole book*

"Nature is so fascinating!" =p
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luse808Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i read it, it is not as bad as it looks
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ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh... Flutters, you sure you want to read that?
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Oh dear. Poor Fluttershy. Hope she didn't read it.
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